Censoring the Bay View showz how much master fearz a revolt

by Malcolme Morgan Before the hunger strikes and the Ashker settlement ended indefinite solitary confinement in California and released nearly everyone from solitary into general population, artists in solitary played a major role in the movement. This is by one of the best and most prolific. – Art: Michael D. Russell, C-90473, HDSP D3-20, P.O. […]

Racialization and Incarceration: The Politikz of Polarization and Containment in Amerika (2016)

The following article by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was written for (and will appear in) the book The Racialization of Murder, co-edited by StanDoyle-Wood, Bedour Alagraa and Gurpreet Johal, and due out in 2017. There is an organic link between racialization and incarceration in Amerikkka. Both are tools that serve the interests of capitalist power and social control. […]

A Primer on the Nationwide Prisonerz’ Strike

Prisoners can be forced to work without pay — the Constitution says so. The joint resolution proposing the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified December 6, 1865, and abolished slavery, except as punishment for a crime. National Archives Prisoners can be forced to work without pay — the Constitution says so. By […]

Texas prisonz – What Method of Protest iz acceptable for Black People?

What Method of Protest is acceptable for Black People By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington Colin Kaepernick and numerous other NFL Football players have staged peaceful quiet protests by taking a knee or exhibiting the ‘Raised Fist of Solidarity.’ I read one letter in the USAToday published on September 14th, 2016, which read: “ By disrespecting the […]

Revisionist Bullshit: Major French institution teachez kidz that some u.s. (united snakez) slavez had “pleasant livez” & that racial discrimination ended in 1964

Musée du Quai Branly’s booklet for kids starts with several questionable paragraphs stating that some slaves had “pleasant lives” and that the Civil Rights Act from 1964 marked “the end of racial discrimination”… Many say this is revisionist “History” at its best. Major Parisian institution Musée du Quai Branly just launched ‘The Color Line’, a […]

Strike the punishment clause from the 13th Amendment

by Sergio Hyland Jalil Muntaqim’s recent article in the San Francisco Bay View, “The 13th Amendment – prison slavery and mass incarceration,” August 2016, underscores the importance of striking the “punishment clause” in the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which legalizes slavery for those human beings convicted of committing a crime. Strike the […]

Iz the seriouz humanitarian crisiz developing at Holman Prison an ADOC ploy to build more prisonz?

by Free Alabama Movement Atmore, Alabama. Sept. 16, 2016 – A serious humanitarian crisis is developing at Holman Prison as correctional officers continue to walk off of the job amid concerns about safety and apathy from Warden Terry Raybon and the office of ADOC Commissioner Jefferson S. Dunn, as violence, including deadly stabbings and assaults […]

Live Updatez from the National Prisoner Strike

Follow along with us as things escalate on both sides of the wall. Perhaps you’ve heard things are heating up inside prisons and jails across the country today. After a call to action to end slavery in America by the Free Alabama Movement (FAM) with “Let the Crops Rot in the Fields,” and tireless organizing […]

From Attica to Pelican Bay: How To Heed the Lessonz of a Prison Uprising

Forty years after Attica, the US prison population iz ten times larger. By Michael Ratner Attica State prison inmates raise their hands in a show of solidarity during the Attica uprising, which took the lives of 43 people. (AP Photo) Forty years ago, on September 9, 1971, prisoners protesting medieval conditions rebelled at Attica, a […]

Stand in Solidarity with Incarcerated Men & Women on Sept. 9, 2016

Stand in Solidarity with Prisoners Striking for Human Rights. Take Action w @Roots_Action http://act.rootsaction.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=12454 …