Strike the punishment clause from the 13th Amendment

by Sergio Hyland Jalil Muntaqim’s recent article in the San Francisco Bay View, “The 13th Amendment – prison slavery and mass incarceration,” August 2016, underscores the importance of striking the “punishment clause” in the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which legalizes slavery for those human beings convicted of committing a crime. Strike the […]

Iz the seriouz humanitarian crisiz developing at Holman Prison an ADOC ploy to build more prisonz?

by Free Alabama Movement Atmore, Alabama. Sept. 16, 2016 – A serious humanitarian crisis is developing at Holman Prison as correctional officers continue to walk off of the job amid concerns about safety and apathy from Warden Terry Raybon and the office of ADOC Commissioner Jefferson S. Dunn, as violence, including deadly stabbings and assaults […]

Live Updatez from the National Prisoner Strike

Follow along with us as things escalate on both sides of the wall. Perhaps you’ve heard things are heating up inside prisons and jails across the country today. After a call to action to end slavery in America by the Free Alabama Movement (FAM) with “Let the Crops Rot in the Fields,” and tireless organizing […]

From Attica to Pelican Bay: How To Heed the Lessonz of a Prison Uprising

Forty years after Attica, the US prison population iz ten times larger. By Michael Ratner Attica State prison inmates raise their hands in a show of solidarity during the Attica uprising, which took the lives of 43 people. (AP Photo) Forty years ago, on September 9, 1971, prisoners protesting medieval conditions rebelled at Attica, a […]

Stand in Solidarity with Incarcerated Men & Women on Sept. 9, 2016

Stand in Solidarity with Prisoners Striking for Human Rights. Take Action w @Roots_Action …

Slavez Lynched for Absurd Reasonz: The Saxe Joiner Story

Toward the end of the Civil War, with the Union Army moving south, a slave named Saxe Joiner was lynched. At the time, Saxe Joiner tried to assist the war efforts, but the way he did it infuriated white townspeople and ultimately resulted in his death. Most people thought lynching occurred after the civil war, but […]

Madison Washington: Instigated Most Successful Slave Revolt in U.S. History

Madison Washington was an American cook who started a slave revolt in 1841 on board the brig Creole. The ship was transporting over 130 slaves from Virginia to sell in New Orleans, as part of the coast-wise slave trade. Although the Creole was a domestic ship, the Black men and women on board suffered conditions to […]

Amend the 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement Mission Statement

by Joka Heshima Jinsai, founder Preamble “Section One of the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude “except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted”… Such an amendment amounted to an escape clause, a corrective loophole that left a form of slavery intact … In the very sentence abolishing slavery, […]

Booked: The Originz of the Carceral State

Timothy Shenk President Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1966 (Yoichi Okamoto / Wikimedia Commons) Booked is a monthly series of Q&As with authors by contributing editor Timothy Shenk. For this podcast edition recorded at a special event for Dissent Solidarity Subscribers, Tim spoke with Elizabeth Hinton about her new book, From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime (Harvard University Press, […]

Deep in the Swampz, Archaeologistz Are Finding How Fugitive Slavez Kept Their Freedom

The Great Dismal Swamp was once a thriving refuge for runaways Once 2,000 square miles in Virginia and North Carolina, the swamp today is perhaps one-tenth that size. (Allison Shelley) By Richard Grant; Photographs by Allison Shelley   The worse it gets, as I wade and stumble through the Great Dismal Swamp, the better I […]