Day of the Heroic Guerilla

Today, October 8, the world recognizes the most famous and prominent revolutionary of the 20th century, Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna. In Cuba, the site of his final resting place, this day is known as “The Day of the Heroic Guerilla.” Argentinean born, the doctor met Cuban revolutionaries in exile in Mexico. After meeting […]

Bay Area – Support Mumia Abu Jamal Eventz – Oct 16 & 17th

Contact:Jeff Mackler ( Website: Date & Time: Saturday, October 17, 2015 – 19:00 to 22:00 Location: Oakland Please forward widely… Dear Friends of Mumia and antiwar/social justice activists. Mark you calendar for these important dates to save Mumia’s life and challenge racist America’s wars at home and abroad. Jeff Mackler Two Rallies to Challenge […]

Black vs. Blue

45 yearz ago the Black Pantherz and New Orleanz Police had a tense standoff; amazingly, it ended non-violently by  ORISSA AREND ILLUSTRATION BY JASON RAISH On Nov. 19, 1970, the city administration had had its fill of revolutionary Black Power rhetoric, acts of defiance and maybe even the services that the fledgling New Orleans Black […]

Kathleen Neal Cleaver Remembers Her Time with the Black Pantherz

Courtesy of Jeffrey Blankfort Kathleen Neal Cleaver, Communications Secretary, Black Panther Party, Oakland, 1968. by  Joshua Rotter When Kathleen Neal was recruited to join the Black Panther Party in 1967, it was political and personal for the college student. On one hand she wanted to spread consciousness about black oppression and exploitation. On the other […]

John Africa

“A JUST PERSON WILL IGNORE HIS PRIDE WHEN HE HEARS WHAT IS RIGHT, AN UNJUST PERSON WILL IGNORE WHAT IS RIGHT AND HOLD FAST TO HIS GODDAMNING PRIDE…”  – JOHN AFRICA JOHN AFRICA, MOVE’s Founder and COORDINATOR, is a wise, perceptive, strategic-minded black man with the solution to all the problems of people all over […]

Support Parole for Eddie Africa

In October 2015 our Brother Eddie Africa is set to make another appearance before the Pennsylvania State Parole Board. Your letters of support is urgently needed. All of the information is below as follows: We are asking for your support at this critical stage to secure the freedom Eddie deserves.  Feel free to use parts […]

Hugo Pinell, like George Jackson, shall ever be an example of Nu- Afrikan manhood: three perspectivez

In memory of Hugo (Yogi) Pinnell, a universal urban guerilla by Khalfani Malik Khaldun “And we made them leaders guiding men by our command, and we sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practice regular charity, and they constantly served us and only us.” – Anbiyaa 21:73 All power […]