George Washington & The Cherry Tree and RBG

We all have heard the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. Let me refresh your memory. The story beginz a little something like thiz. The Washington family owned a farm with quite a few acres of land. Young George has completed hiz chorez for that evening. He had been chopping firewood because winter was coming on fast.
George was headed back to the main house axe in hand. he eyez thiz beautiful little cherry tree near the house. Young George strollz over to the cherry tree and suddenly he has chopped it down.
he turnz in the direction of the house and beginz walking. His father openz the cabin door and stepz out into the yard and waitz on his son to approach him.  He says ” George what happened to the cherry tree that i planted for your Mother?”  Young George with axe still in hand repliez ” I can not tell a lie”, but as he answerz he movez the axe behind his back & crosses hiz fingerz.  (Signs and symbols for the conscious mind) We all know the moral of the story. Now check thiz Moorz i want to bring you out of the Darkness and into the Light.
Let’z take a trip back in time, now understand we must do thiz to learn and become aware of our surroundingz and know history (our story). So that we don’t make the same mistakez that our foreparentz made or allow the same atrocious acts to be inflicted upon us as they were inflicted upon our foreparentz.
I am making it known that i want to make to the promised land Allah (God) willing. I am going to get there going out like a soldier and not like coward on bended bloody kneez. I just want to send a shout out much love and honour to Momz and Popz and to my brotherz and sister and I can not forget the revolutionariez and freedom fighterz and warriorz who came before me and those waiting to step up and do battle.( Remember the battle isn’t all physical it’z mental too).

Sit back and relax as we begin our journey on the continent of Afrika ( we know it as Amexem the true and divine, Name of our foreparentz homeland).  The motherland is rich in beauty, knowledge, mineral wealth, ancient Pharaohz and Queenz , and home of the first man Adam.
Live Newz flash yes it’s true. Beyond a reasonable doubt Afrika ( Amexem) is the garden of Eden.
Our foreparentz were a people with valuez, pride, wisdom, compassion, and love in their heartz for all mankind
no matter what race, creed, colour or complexion. Striving and surviving and living their livez under the five highest principles known to man love, truth, peace, freedom and justice.
Our foreparentz moved about the continent of Afrika (Amexem) freely and at will, and most importantly without a trace of fear in their heartz. Can you picture and feel the peace and tranquility of our foreparentz?
Now remember the European has been coming to the motherland for some time now and trading their warez for the gold , silver and native artifactz and kente cloth and other precious mineralz & spicez freshly grown from Afrika’z (Amexem’z) rich soil.

News flash a special report has just come in the new world has just been found and is ready to be populated
but something iz missing there are not enough farmerz , carpenterz, metal workerz, skilled craftsmen, most importantly not enough cheap labour to help get the new world in order.
A plan was put into motion actually a master plan to bring some of our people (foreparentz) to the new world for labour purposez only. I’ll say it again slave labour. Our foreparentz were skilled in all sortz of professionz yet still highly skilled in the art of war and the settlerz of the new world were very much aware of thiz. So the founding fatherz of the new world used liez, deceit, deception, trickery and gunz (weapons of war) tha magic stick a weapon that our foreparentz had never seen before and in doing so they convinced some of our tribal elderz that because we had been taking our own people as prisonerz of war during tribal conflictz and trading them to other tribez a century old but common practice.

The new world traderz said that they would buy and trade for as many prisonerz of war that the tribal elderz could get their handz on, and those chosen few actually was any and every tribe that had ever come into contact with the European traderz. Mass slave trading began.
The leaders of the new world soon came to the realization that our foreparentz spirit and will could not easily be broken. (All praise and honour is due to Father God Allah the creator.
We all know how the criminal mind workz. A unknown man stepped forward to say “I know of a way to break their spirit and it’ll last for hundreds of yearz.”
They began by destroying (chopping down) the flag of our motherland. Now the programing (mental slavery) can begin. A people without a flag are not even considered a people.
The purpose “A people without a country (home) have no birthright and can have no justice” for that group of people. Marcus Mosiah Garvey said it best ” A people without a history iz like a tree without rootz.”
Now I’ll break down the cherry tree for you like thiz: the bark of the cherry tree is black our foreparentz, under the bark liez the red blood that flowz through our veinz and the green leavez are the native plainz were graceful creaturez roam, the motherland of bounty we, I feel so proud to call home.
Remember if you chop the tree (flag) off at the root you will kill that tree (nation).
I can led you to the water but i can’t make you drink. We need a little bit of water (salvation and the knowledge of self). If we take that first bitter sweet drink (pride, wisdom, truth) good thingz will begin to happen. Can you feel me?


15 thoughts on “George Washington & The Cherry Tree and RBG

  1. Dear friend, I will read again all this. As you can imagine it’s not my language and not the one I learned at school as English 🙂 – Then I will write you my views as I value very much the dialogue, mainly when between people so different in culture and experiences of life as we are.
    For now I thank you suggesting to watch this
    ,you’ll find wonderful pictures of hunters dressed as in the ancient Mali, where a great wonderful Empire lived more than 1500 years ago.

    • I understand completely ur situation goes, when it comez to the English language and tha fact that I use a lot of slang termz and even spelling of certain wordz and phrasez az a sign of my blackness and a Nu-Afrikan that iz conscious… Black at ya komrade. I have the same problem sometime and have not figured how to correct it ye..

  2. Here my views after reading , and I hope to express myself clearly.
    I agree that all mankind has a common origin. The fractures occurred at the dispersion and every group took looks, habits, beliefs depending on the land where it has taken root. Differences, yes, but we all have within us same impulses and the purpose of surviving.
    For this I don’t imagine ancient Mama Africa as Eden, but as earthy Nature where relationships were based instinctivly on the strength, I think that what we call “civilization” is taking other concepts to regulate the relationship between human beings.
    In the story of Mama Africa there were marvelous empires (which are not studied in schools!) , as Songhai in Mali and Zulu in the south, and we know that, in order to found an empire, there are wars, occupations, slavery. Exactly as it happened in Europe or Asia.
    The enourmous difference between African people and Europeans was that the latter went by sea reaching all continents. Wherever they wanted to dominate, people were exterminated or reduced to a minimum – let’s think to Aborigines in Australia, or Native Americans, from Inuit of Canada to the people of the Amazon.
    I think that every local group of the human family should be proud of itself and, as the African Americans, have organizations to represent them, and cooperate with all the othes groups. Cooperate. In ancient time it was the “White” to divide and oppress, today are the large financial organizations where color matters much less. Think of the petrodollars of the Arabs or Chinese expansion in Africa.
    I dream of a collaboration fighting the conformity to Western behaviors, that today are leading people in Africa (as an example) to “copy” blindly in their everyday life what offered or imposed from outside. This in order to feel themselves “progressed”, not inferior to foreign fellows, losing their traditions.
    In the Islam is said that God wanted us all different, isn’t it? I suppose this not with the purpose to fight each other, but improve each other. Difficult to make this clear to dominators and dominated ones, even more difficult to achieve, but in this path to affirm the respect and dignity of their own roots as African Americans are doing is a good start.
    Thanks with my respect, Panther

    • Tha oldest human bones have been found in Momma Afrika. It must also be realized that az Afrikanz our story waz passed down and told by a groit who waz trained to be able to give an oral our story, verses europeanz who wrote down their story. And u must also remember that he who win’s the war then can write his story any way that he or she wantz.
      Yes as a NU-Afrikan there are differrencez between a Nu-Afrikan & an Afrikan- Amerikan and even those among my brutha’z & sista’z that would much rather be called Black. Just az there are many groupz and organizationz in the Afrikan diaspora to accommodate tha many type of individuaulz and mentalitiez of conscious & unconscious
      Afrikan’z, and at the same time we must consider that each person iz in a different stage of unconsciousness or consciousness.

      There are very few of uz that call ourselves Nu-Afrikanz but there are are more than enough of uz. Tha greatest waz komrade Min. Malcolm X and let uz not forget Komrade Huey P. Newton and so many more that while in prison may have already been conscious or those that became politicized while in prison.
      Me I had a head start 4 my parentz were involved with tha Black Panther Party when I waz just a young-gun growing up.

  3. many years ago the first book I read on that was The Prison Letters of George Jackson, the second Malcom’s Biography … unforgettable.

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  5. This is spectacular! I can’t praise you enough. Your post made my weekend and it was a good one. Thank you, as always, for enlightening this white woman. You have made me a better human being. Hugs, Barbara

    • I 1st wrote thiz when i waz 14 yearz old and then it waz revised and updated in high skool and used for a amerikan history class. I received an A- for my effortz. Thank u for ur compliment.
      Each 1 Teach 1 and the world becomez a better place.

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