“War against the Pantherz”: The Life and Workz of Huey P. Newton, Founder of the Black Panther Party (BPP)

 By Hugo Turner Dedicated to My Friend and Comrade Marland X aka @CharlieMBrownX Huey P. Newton was a visionary, a poet, a thinker, a writer, a gangster, but above all a revolutionary. Without his brilliance and daring the Black Panther party would never have been created. 50 Years after it’s creation the Black Panther Party […]

The Black Panther Party (BPP). The Battle against Poverty, Racism, Imperialism and Police Brutality

By Hugo Turner Dedicated to my friend and Comrade Marland X @CharlieMBrownX In my last article I dealt with the life of Black Panther Party Founder Huey P. Newton. (image right) I also discussed the origins of the Black Panther Party or BPP. Huey Newton and Bobby Seale formed the BPP in Oakland California to battle […]

#7: Seventh Son

#7: Seventh Son Colin Kaepernick, Yusef Lateef, Willie Dixon Prelude: It’s nev-er, it’s nev-er, ever the time, It’s nev-er, it’s never, never, ever the way Never, ever time for free-dom fight-ing It’s al-ways, it’s al-ways, always the wrong way It’s al-ways, al-ways, al-ways wrong and unwise Al-ways wrong and un-wise, to fight for free-dom (REPEAT) […]

Too Much Talking & Tweeting. Not Enough Economik Action. Join the Blackout Coalition

Damn family, how many more hashtags do you need to see? #DarrenSeals #TyreKing #TerenceCrutcher #KeithScott #TawonBoyd #HenryGreen #IndiaKager #TamirRice #LaquanMcDonald #KorrynGaines #SandraBland #RekiaBoyd #AiyanaStanleyJones #KennethChamberlain #MikeBrown #FreddieGray #TanishaAnderson #MalissaWilliams #TimothyRussell #JohnCrawford #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #FreddieGray #EricGarner #TrayvonMartin… There’s too much talking and tweeting, not enough action. Tell your close friends and family members to take their […]

Copz are still shooting to kill at Amerika’z largest police-training exercise

  By Mary Noble Over Labor Day weekend, sports players all over the United States knelt to protest police killings of black Americans. Meanwhile, I watched Sgts. Spencer Fomby and Rashawn Cummings, two Berkeley police officers involved in fatal civilian shootings, walk into an abandoned building in Hayward, CA, to practice killing people in a […]