The Politics Of Judges

THE POLITICS OF JUDGES [col. Writ. 10/5/18 (c) ’18 Mumia Abu-Jamal We are all trained and conditioned to see judges, clad in their dark and foreboding robes, as people who are superior to normal, average men and women. The robes lend an air of solemnity, wisdom and certitude, similar to the vestments of priests, nuns […]

Nationwide Prison Strike Set for August 21 – September 9

The death of 7 inmates in fighting at South Carolina’s Lee correctional facility “is an indictment on the nation as a whole,” said Brother Dee, of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, in an interview with Black Agenda Radio producer Kyle Fraser. Inmates with the prison slavery abolition movement have put forward a list of ten demands, including the […]

Black Abolitionistz

  Zinn Education Project. 2014 Brief bios of 24 black abolitionists Textbooks and state curricula devote little attention to the abolition movement, let alone to black abolitionists. To counter the invisibility of black abolitionists who were central to the abolition movement and the ending of slavery, we feature two dozen black abolitionists here. (This collection was […]