Meet Canada’s first black doctor who tried to save Abraham Lincoln’s life in 1865

Photo: Public Domain Did you know Canada’s first black doctor was licensed in 1861? Anderson Ruffin Abbott, was born on April 7, 1837 in Toronto, Canada. He was the son of  Wilson Ruffin and Ellen Toyer Abbott, who were prominent members of the society originating from Alabama as free people. Wilson was a businessman and his prosperity provided Anderson […]

Meet Prince Hall, the Amerikan abolitionist who founded black Freemasonry in 1775

Prince Hall is known as the father of black Freemasonry Between the 16th and 17th century, the fraternal tradition of Freemasonry in North America was largely a white organization. Today, thanks to an African-American abolitionist, Prince Hall, many African Americans belong to a group of Masons. Known as the father of Black Freemasonry, Prince Hall […]

“A Clear & Dramatic Message:” Retrial, Mumia’s Appeal

#BringMumiaHome | JOIN US! FILL THE STREETS AND PACK THE COURTROOM ON AUG 30TH! This court proceeding is a critical legal step towards Mumia Abu-Jamal’s freedom. Black Panther Party spokesman, MOVE supporter and revolutionary journalist Mumia is innocent, framed in the murder of a police officer and sentenced to death 36 years ago. Mumia […]

Comrade Malik Speaks: Retaliation & Repression in a South Texas Prison

“Any kind of act that’s designed to delay or deprive you and me, right now, of getting full rights, that’s the government that’s responsible. And any time you find the government involved in a conspiracy to violate the citizenship or civil rights of a people in 1964 [or 2018!–Malik] then you are wasting your time […]

Today In History (Our-story)

On this day in 1818, American writer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass chose to mark his birthday. Born into slavery around this date under the name Frederick Bailey in Tuckahoe, Maryland, Douglass fled to New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1836 and went on to establish himself as one of his generation’s leading minds.

Harriet Tubman A New Afrikan Amazon Political-Military Leader

    via Harriet Tubman A New Afrikan Amazon Political-Military Leader

Harriet Tubman’s no-nonsense badassness continues to inspire freedom fighters over 100 years after her death

When you think of the abolition of slavery, and those who led the charge, Harriet Tubman should be one of the first to come to mind. Tubman learned from her own escape from slavery, but she didn’t stop there. Taking matters into her own hands, The Civil War spy and Underground Railroad conductor dedicated her […]


Abolitionist Prince Hall is notable for his leadership in the free black community in Boston. Hall lobbied for education rights for black children and was extremely active in the Back-to-Africa movement. He is also noted for being the founder of “Black Freemasonry” in the United States. Prince Hall was born between 1735 and 1738, but […]

Who Waz Denmark Vesey? Interesting Factz on the Former Enslaved Afrikan Who Planned a Revolt

Denmark Vesey, former enslaved African who planned a revolt Early Years Denmark Vesey was born in 1757 in St. Thomas. The NPR story, “Denmark Vesey And The History Of Charleston’s ‘Mother Emanuel’ Church,” reports that Vesey was brought to the U.S. by Captain Joseph Vesey at the age of 14. Abolitionist and minister Thomas Wentworth […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “(In fantasies of democracy, the enslaver rescues the savage from barbarity, and the abolitionist saves the savage from the enslaver. Afrarealism sees both forms of “salvation” as captivity.)” — Joy James, “Afrarealism and the Black Matrix: Maroon Philosophy at Democracy’s Border.” The Black Scholar, Vol. 43, No. 4; p. 125 (via so-treu)