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“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” — Frederick Douglass Related articles Frederick Douglass – Quotes of Life and Struggle Frederick Douglass statue […]

The ‘democratic’ origin and evolution of racism

  Ezrah Aharone Albert Einstein reasoned, one “cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place.” In other words, solutions require thinking that transcends the mindset that caused and/or contributes to undesirable conditions. Using this premise to examine racism in America, the questions become to what origin is […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

On May 1st, 1867: Howard University was founded. It was named after General Oliver O. Howard, a Civil War hero who was both a founder of the University and, at the same time, commissioner of the Freedman’s Bureau. Related articles Howard University School of Law Ranked Among the Top 50 in the Nation This Day in […]

Native Americans Should Have Let the Pilgrims Starve The Day of the Fools Native Americans Should Have Let the Pilgrims Starve by RODOLFO ACUÑA British historian EJ Hobsbawm died just over a year ago. His works had a tremendous impact on my generation of progressive historians. He would take a theme and deconstruct it by using meticulous logic and documentation. Hobsbawm never suffocated his […]

Hunger strike in 8th week: Don’t let them die

by Ikemba Mutulu (Marritte Funches)   Off top, salute to my rilla ones out in them streets and the prisons, comrades unknown but most appreciated. Your recognition of our human and civil rights has been beautiful to see. We are truly grateful. The work you are doing for prison and judicial reform is vital to […]

Hunger strike rally at Corcoran Prison: The sound before the fury

by Malaika Kambon It is hot enough in Corcoran, California, to melt people. That being said, it still wasn’t hot enough to keep upwards of 400 people from braving 103-degree weather to mobilize and rally at Corcoran State Prison in support of over 30,000 prisoners on hunger strike in California. The immediate goal is to stop […]

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”       – Malcolm X [el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz] “…I feel as close to the wretched victims of the rubber plantations in Putamayo and the blacks of Africa  with whose bodies the Europeans play ball…I have no […]

What’s the Hour of the Night?

(What’s the Hour of the Night?) by Queen Mother Moore (July 27, 1898 – May 2, 1996) ~   After four score years of freedom Our so-called leaders say The the race has made great progress And we face the dawn of day But the day is not quite dawning Millions of my peoples stand […]

Build a movement to close solitary confinement

Source: by Mumia Abu-Jamal You may think that you know something about solitary, but you don’t. You may have a loved one in prison who has experienced it and told you about it. But still I say, you don’t know it. You know the word; but between word and the reality, a world exists. […]

The legend of Lincoln unchained

by Ezrah Aharone While “Django Unchained” is stirring controversy, Steven Spielberg’s movie, “Lincoln,” has unchained the legend of Lincoln to new mythic heights, without due challenge. Just as organizations like the NAACP denounced conservative-revisionist textbooks in Texas in 2010, they should denounce liberal-bent historical accounts that either ignorantly or deliberately fail to concede that “Abraham […]