We’re Talking: Mumia’s New Path 2 Freedom

(((BREAKING NEWS))) TO MY FELLOW SOCIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZERS, ACTIVISTS, ADVOCATES, MEDIA FRIENDS, PEOPLE WHO GIVE A DAMN, and THOSE WHO NEED EXAMPLES OF VICTORIES. Please Share This Event (1/12/19) Even If You Can’t Attend. This Just In from The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home: “A Special Report Back in the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal” On Saturday, […]

Millions for Prisoners: Human Rights March on Washington

 Everyone deserves Freedom!!! 

Lawyers, advocates: Prison hunger strike force feeding order is a political attack on a peaceful protest

Strikers vow to continue, prisoners rejoin strike, supporters redouble efforts by Azadeh Zohrabi and Isaac Ontiveros, Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Oakland – As prisoners enter their 46th day of the massive California prison hunger strike, supporters continue to condemn Monday’s controversial court order that authorizes force feeding of strike participants and that disregards their medical wishes. According […]