Afrikan-Amerikan suffrage: Voting rights and suppression

By Dolores Cox At the end of the U.S. Civil War, the 13th, 14th and 15th Reconstruction Amend­ments to the U.S. Constitution were ratified. In 1865, the 13th Amendment abolished “slavery and involuntary servitude” — except for people convicted of a crime. In 1868, the 14th Amendment granted citizenship to African Americans, albeit second-class citizenship. The […]

United Statez (united snakez) hide information about itz politikal prisonerz (PP/POWz)

Most of the 54 prisoners convicted for political motives are racial or national minorities; many are imprisoned for decades; after 9/11, civil rights restrictions only worsened in the country by Breno Altman The diplomat Andrew Jackson Young was a leading figure when Jimmy Carter led the United States between 1977 and 1980. Born in New […]

Micah Xavier Johnson: Made in Amerika, a Failed Human Rightz State

by Dr. Randy Short Not all Black people are appalled at Micah X Johnson’s day of rage in Dallas. The author isn’t, and believes he has lots of company. Johnson is far from alone in his hatred of white cops. However, “unlike the majority of Blacks who complain amongst themselves, Johnson went postal – like […]

What Do White Medical Studentz Think Of Black People?

By Robert Stitt If you have heard the phrase “black don’t crack” when referring to an African American’s skin complexion, you are not alone. If you believe it, you are not alone, either. Sadly, many of those who believe this fallacy are medical professionals. It turns out, there is a lot of misinformation about the […]

Bamboozled: On Afrikan Amerikanz and Feministz Casting Their Votez for Hillary Clinton

by  CHERISE CHARLESWELL Though the decision should have been an easy one to make, a “no brainer”, one that could be made while walking and chewing gum at the same time, African Americans seem to be grappling with the decision of whom they should be casting their vote for during the 2016 Democratic primaries. And, […]

Federal sentence enhancementz keep Black low-level drug offenderz in prison for life without parole

by Aria Jones “It is better that 10 guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” – Jurist William Blackstone Over the past few years, President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, members of both houses of Congress and many other elected officials have expressed the need for criminal justice reform. Much concern has been […]


FIGHTLAND BLOG By Benjamin Nadler Artwork by Grimoire I don’t know how I first heard about the 52 Blocks. Like much of New York City’s urban mythology—such as the Decepticons gang, the tunnels under Alphabet City, or the albino alligators and alligator-sized rats in the sewers—the legendary hand-to-hand combat style seemed to always hover just outside […]

The controversial conviction of Kevin Cooper

When California proposed new lethal injection regulations last fall, it added renewed urgency to the case of Kevin Cooper. Cooper is one of the 17 death row inmates in California who has exhausted all appeals, and is believed to be near the top of the list of those likely to be put to death if […]

555th Parachute Infantry Battalion The “Triple Nicklez”

Members of the 555th (Triple Nickle) Parachute Infantry Battalion march down Michigan Avenue in Washington, DC on April 6, 1945. Source: National Archives     The U.S. Army Center of Military History observes this year’s African American History Month in our highlight of the the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion was […]


  Colorism has not just affected the criminal justice system or the workplace. It has also affected which black women received particular roles in Hollywood and on the television screen. Because lighter-complexion skin is often associated with beauty and status, those black women who often landed the more prestigious television roles up until the 1990s. […]