FIGHTLAND BLOG By Benjamin Nadler Artwork by Grimoire I don’t know how I first heard about the 52 Blocks. Like much of New York City’s urban mythology—such as the Decepticons gang, the tunnels under Alphabet City, or the albino alligators and alligator-sized rats in the sewers—the legendary hand-to-hand combat style seemed to always hover just outside […]

The controversial conviction of Kevin Cooper

When California proposed new lethal injection regulations last fall, it added renewed urgency to the case of Kevin Cooper. Cooper is one of the 17 death row inmates in California who has exhausted all appeals, and is believed to be near the top of the list of those likely to be put to death if […]

555th Parachute Infantry Battalion The “Triple Nicklez”

Members of the 555th (Triple Nickle) Parachute Infantry Battalion march down Michigan Avenue in Washington, DC on April 6, 1945. Source: National Archives     The U.S. Army Center of Military History observes this year’s African American History Month in our highlight of the the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion was […]


  Colorism has not just affected the criminal justice system or the workplace. It has also affected which black women received particular roles in Hollywood and on the television screen. Because lighter-complexion skin is often associated with beauty and status, those black women who often landed the more prestigious television roles up until the 1990s. […]

Faux Loc Trend Even Has White People Lining Up: Historical and Spiritual Roots of Locz

September 19, 2015 by The Reel Network By Dana C. Ayres The American culture is a hopelessly materialistic one. To a large degree, it helps to keep things “light” when there are so many contrasting realities in our amalgamous culture. However, in the quest for openness, acceptance and celebration of the differences in our nation, […]

NEVER FORGET: Meet The Only Woman Ever Executed in GA (Yes. She’s Black)

Lena Baker, an African-American mother of three holds the esteemed honor of being the only woman ever electrocuted in Georgia’s electric chair, she was also issued a pardon 6 decades after her 1945 death by execution. Baker was convicted for the fatal shooting of E. B. Knight, a white Cuthbert, Georgia mill operator she was […]

Black Livez Matter: The Evolution of A Movement

by Alisa Robinson At least 778 Black Lives Matter demonstrations have been held worldwide, according to a record being kept at How did all of this start? Three names come to mind: Patrisse Cullors, Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Cullors planted the seed from which the movement grew in July 2013, after she re-posted a […]

Black Abolitionistz

  Zinn Education Project. 2014 Brief bios of 24 black abolitionists Textbooks and state curricula devote little attention to the abolition movement, let alone to black abolitionists. To counter the invisibility of black abolitionists who were central to the abolition movement and the ending of slavery, we feature two dozen black abolitionists here. (This collection was […]

Voting Rightz for Ex-Conz

By Diane Ferranti   In most states, convicted felons are not able to vote, even after they have served their time. While it’s a statistical fact that many felons recidivate, there are many who return to the world and become law abiding citizens. They have paid their debt to society and learned from their mistakes. […]

J. Edgar Hoover’z ‘Suicide Letter’ to Martin Luther King Jr. Iz Even Worse Than We Knew

  This 1964 photo of Martin Luther King Jr. was taken by a New York World-Telegram & Sun photographer. Wikimedia Commons Half a century ago, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover had what he clearly considered to be a big problem in the form of civil rights galvanizer Martin Luther King Jr. In late November 1964, […]