The Genealogy Of Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin is considered the father of Russian literature AFRICANGLOBE – Although the vast majority of African Americans are unfamiliar with Pushkin’s monumental works, most students of literature are at least aware of his “Blackamoor of Peter the Great“, an unfinished romance which relates the biographical data of the poet’s great-grandfather, Ibrahim Petrovitch Gannibal his Black great-grandfather. Some […]

How Brazilian football legend Pelé stopped a major Nigerian war for two days

Football legend Pelé He was so powerful and admired by many people in his heydays that he was able to achieve what political leaders and the international community couldn’t – stop a devastating civil war in Nigeria on his own. The Biafran War was rampant in the 1960s, following the desire of the Igbo people […]

The peace games: Dreaming big for South Sudan’s youth

A relatively new independence and fresh waves of conflict inspire a South Sudanese refugee to build antiwar video games. by Reem Shaddad & Jawahir Al-Naimi 9 Jul 2018 There are approximately 20 people displaced every minute as a result of conflict or persecution. Recent figures from the United Nations put an unprecedented 65.6 million people worldwide […]

‘They stole us, they sold us, they owe us!’

By Stephen Millies  posted on June 28, 2018   Despite threatened thundershowers, 50 people took to the streets of Newark, N.J., on June 23 to demand reparations for Black people. Every year the People’s Organization for Progress — a dynamic grassroots group based in Newark — calls a rally and demonstration to demand justice for the African […]

The racist law that kicked black South Afrikans out of their land in 1950

Mass Meeting at Durban on May 28, 1950 to protest against Group Areas Bill. Photo: Wiki CC One of the most vital and controversial issues in South Africa today is land, and the subsequent land reform that is currently under consideration. The explosive subject matter traces its roots back to an apartheid-era law that was […]

Why do some people spell Africa with a K? (Afrika vs Africa)

First and foremost, the original way to spell the Black and beautifully endowed continent is “Afrika” with a “K“. However, following the invasion of the continent and enslavement of the people several years ago by imperial colonial thieves from the western world, a new name was given to the Black continent and that name is […]

Potency of Walter Rodney?s ideas 38 years after assassination

Caribbean360 by Wazir Mohamed Jun 15, 2018 Thirty-eight years have passed since Walter Rodney was assassinated in Guyana on 13 June 1980 in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city, but his legacy lives on beyond his home-country. In the 2014-2016 Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances that led to his death, evidence was produced that showed that […]

How hair was done in Afrika before the dreaded colonial invasion

African hairstyles Right from the culture of ancient African civilisations before slavery began, the hair was entrusted to close relatives for styling as it was believed that if a strand fell into the hands of an enemy, the owner of the hair could be harmed. Hair at the time played significant roles, as it symbolized […]

Baobab trees have more than 300 uses but they’re dying in Afrika

An ancient giant. Shutterstock Nine of 13 of Africa’s oldest and largest baobab trees have died in the past decade, it has been reported. These trees, aged between 1,100 and 2,500 years, appear to be victims of climate change. Scientists speculate that warming temperatures have either killed the trees directly or have made them weaker and more […]

Teachers Fight To Keep Pre-Colonial World History In AP Course

by  Sameer Rao A detailed view of a Statue of Maya and Merit displayed in part in the permanent Egyptian collection and also part of the “Queens of the Nile” Exhibition held at the National Museum of Antiquities or Rijksmuseum van Oudheden on November 30, 2016 in Leiden, Netherlands.  Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images SHARE     […]