The forgotten groundnut pyramids of Nigeria, the one-time pride of the West Afrikan nation

The Groundnut Pyramids of Nigeria. Pic credit: AgroNigeria You can call them Nigerians’ first love. Built in northern cities such as Kano, Malam Madori and Bebeji from the 1910s, they were pyramid-like structures made from groundnut sacks that towered up towards the sky, offering splendour similar to the Egyptian pyramids. In the 1960s and 70s, […]

Medicine for Political Liberation: Cuban Doctors Reflect on Solidarity Work in Afrika

 by Don Fitz  Cuban Doctors Provide Vaccinations in Senegal in 1973. By Roel Coutinho – Roel Coutinho Guinea-Bissau & Senegal Photographs (1973 – 1974), CC BY-SA 4.0. The first article in this series was Revolutionary Solidarity in Africa: The Story of Cuba’s First International Military Doctors This concluding article in a series on Cuban medical solidarity […]

The Black Magus [King, Magi] (c 1350– )

The Adoration of the Magi, c. 1520 @The Victoria and Albert Museum, London The black Magus, or King, in Renaissance Adoration pictures is an enigmatic figure as no black African king is known to have visited Europe during this period. However, blacks, at the time, were known in a wide range of other guises from slaves to saints. The […]

Watch Haile Selassie’s victory speech after Mussolini’s Italian invasion was quelled

In October 1935, fascist Italian war leader Benito Mussolini launched his invasion of Ethiopia. Held at bay by Emperor Selassie’s troops, Mussolini eventually entered Addis Ababa on May 5, 1936, declaring the country as part of the Italian empire and Italian East Africa. At root, the “Abyssinia Crisis,” as it was also called, was years in […]

The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson (1933)

Edited with an Introduction by Charles H. Wesley and Thelma D. Perry First Published in 1933 Introduction Considerable time has passed since the first printing of this volume, but it is significant that it has meaning and direct implications for today’s consideration. While it does not relate exclusively to Black History it does emphasize its […]

Louis, the black Mauritian who led South Afrika’s first large-scale slave rebellion in 1808

Photo: SA History As many Africans in the Caribbean and the Americas rose against slavery, the news of these courageous acts found its way back to Africa.  In 1808, Cape Town, the then capital of the Cape Colony, experienced its first ever slave rebellion. The region, home to the Khoisan people, was invaded by the […]

Why the Kingdom of Dahomey gave up the fight against slavery in 1730

King Behanzin of Dahomey and his household — Photo: New World Encyclopedia The Kingdom of Dahomey (present-day Benin) has a rich yet complicated history. It had kings and princes who made decisions that had a huge impact on the natives of the once prosperous kingdom. One of these kings is Agadja Trudo, the third ruler […]

The little known Sudanese-Egyptian Pan-Afrikanist who mentored Marcus Garvey

Photo: Wiki CC When Jamaican Pan-African icon Marcus Garvey was a student in London, he found a mentor in one of Africa’s actors and political activists called Dusé Mohamed Ali. Born on this day in 1866, Ali was the son of an Egyptian father and a Sudanese mother. He was born in Alexandria, where he was […]

Cuba’s First Military Doctors

by Don Fitz (Nov 01, 2018) Cuban Doctors Provide Vaccinations in Senegal in 1973. By Roel Coutinho – Roel Coutinho Guinea-Bissau & Senegal Photographs (1973 – 1974), CC BY-SA 4.0, Link. Don Fitz is on the Editorial Board of Green Social Thought, which is sent to members of The Greens/Green Party USA. He is newsletter editor for the Green Party of […]

Ghanaian Visionary Samia Nkrumah Foresees Revolution, Then United States Of Afrika

 by Ann Brown Kwame Nkrumah was once the hope of not only Ghana, where he was the country’s first president after its independence, but also for all of Africa. The legendary Pan-African leader pushed for a thriving, united, and truly independent Africa. Nkrumah’s hopes and dreams for Africa live on in his only daughter, Samia […]