Banner photo: Jaden Smith at AFROPUNK Paris 2015 via Mathieu Bitton In July of 2016, the streets of Paris resonated with an affirmative cry born on the other side of the Atlantic. Thousands of protesters came together after the death of Adama Traoré, a young black French man who died in a Parisian suburb after […]

Allison Davis: Forgotten black scholar studied – and faced – structural racism in 1940s Amerika

Allison Davis, circa 1965. Courtesy of the Davis family.     When black historian Carter G. Woodson founded Negro History Week in 1926 (expanded to Black History Month in 1976), the prevailing sentiment was that black people had no history. They were little more than the hewers of wood and the drawers of water who, […]


In the age of Donald Trump, we hear a lot about overt displays of racism. But though the effects are just as harmful, rarely are white liberals and progressives called out for their shit. Chris Newman, the owner of Sylvanaqua Farms in Albemarle County, Va., just put these experiences in contrast to highlight just that, […]

Cops complain about white people wasting police time calling 911 with irrational fears of Black people

We know the way that Blackness is inherently seen as a threat makes even living while Black a dangerous activity, but what does the irrational and deadly fear of Black people actually sound like when communicated in words? On a Reddit law enforcement forum called “ProtectAndServe“, a verified police officer going by the name sf7was […]

How African-Americans disappeared from the Kentucky Derby

From 1921 to 2000, no black jockeys competed. Wikimedia Commons When the horses enter the gate for the 143rd Kentucky Derby, their jockeys will hail from Louisiana, Mexico, Nebraska and France. None will be African-American. That’s been the norm for quite a while. When Marlon St. Julien rode the Derby in 2000, he became the […]

An Uneven Tribute to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

In HBO’s film The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, you learn about the miraculous clump of cells that changed medical science forever before really learning about the person who made and was killed by them. In 1951, a 31-year-old African American woman named Henrietta Lacks learned she was dying of cervical cancer. She sought treatment […]

Young And Black In 1971

Presents the experiences of a teenage African American, who relates his views of the System, war, revolution, the Watts community of Los Angeles, the Black Panther Party and the police. The importance of the discussion is the necessity of being one’s own self. Director: Richard Wells. Editor: Andrew Stein. Photographer: Robert Grant. Sound: Wendell Handy. […]

Girl, 6, Creates Coloring Books to Promote Black Indigenous Culture

“The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae” is the first in a series exploring Black culture. | Photo: It will serve as an alternative for young children to learn about missing histories. An entertaining but educational coloring book, that’s the idea from a 6 year old to help other children learn about Black Indigenous culture […]

A Letter to My Nephew

by James Baldwin January 1, 1962   James Baldwin’s thoughts on his nephew’s future—in a country with a terrible history of racism— first appeared in The Progressive magazine in 1962. Over 50 years later his words are, sadly, more relevant than ever.   Dear James: I have begun this letter five times and torn it […]


Dave Grossman teaches police officers to think like “warriors.” But is the rise of a militarized mindset turning black citizens into targets? BY STEVE FEATHERSTONE Early one Friday morning, more than 250 police officers file into a high school auditorium in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Dressed in the uniform of the off-duty cop—polo shirts and khakis accessorized […]