Film Review: ‘This Bitter Earth:’ The Rape of Recy Taylor

By Kelisha B. Graves   Alma Daniels, Recy Taylor’s younger sister, hums out a pithy ultimatum at the onset of the film: “What they did to her? They didn’t need to live.” Nancy Buirski’s documentary, ‘The Rape of Recy Taylor,’ is equal parts wrenching and relevant. The documentary unfurls gingerly and casually against the beat […]

Afro-Amerikan Guerilla Warfare

Suppose we are all “good niggers” and have never done anything wrong. What can we expect? 1. A large number of us out of jobs for a long period of time. Last hired, first fired, if we ever did get a job. Young people especially locked out. 2. Pay the lowest. Type of work the […]

How to Fight White Backlash

by Robert Greene  Harold Cruse, Stokely Carmichael, and Martin Luther King, Jr. all offered acute diagnoses of the backlash to civil rights legislation The problem of white backlash in American politics isn’t new. Every instance of black political advancement—Reconstruction, the civil rights movement, or Barack Obama’s rise to the presidency—has provoked it. Backlash politics define moments […]

What to Black People is the National Anthem?

On Veterans day, the idea of the veteran was touted by POTUS and his supporters as an emotional counterweight to the protesting athletes. Dr. Lisa Brock reminds us that African Americans have historically had a conflictual relationship with US militarism. by Lisa Brock Praxis Center On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass, the prolific abolitionist, delivered his […]

The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks… Bombshell Health Ranger lecture documents race-based crimes against humanity

  As promised, I’ve now released a one-hour science lecture video that documents the multiple vectors through which people of African descent are being targeted for depopulation, covert infertility and extermination by “science” and “medicine.” (Watch the full video lecture below.) This video lecture documents the pattern of heavy metals poisoning, medical experimentation, organ harvesting, […]

When Enslaved People Commandeered a Ship and Hightailed it to Freedom in the Bahamas

It’s been called the most successful slave rebellion in U.S. history   Ships involved in the American slave trade before the Civil War. (Wikimedia Commons) By Kat Eschner   ON this day in 1841, a shipboard rebellion led to 128 enslaved people gaining their freedom in the Bahamas. The Creole case made headlines in its own time, but […]

    The FBI’s Mythical Black Threats

                                                                    From the Ramparts by  Junious Ricardo Stanton                                The FBI’s Mythical Black Threats   “The FBI assesses it is very likely […]

High School Football Players Say Opposing Fans, Referee Call Them N-Word for Kneeling During Anthem

Michael Harriot 10/05/17 Daniele Calcote via Facebook When students from a majority-black Louisiana school decided to kneel while the national anthem played at a predominantly white high school’s homecoming football game, opposing fans, and even a referee, booed the students and used racial slurs, according to multiple people in attendance. If you’ve ever wondered “Where […]

How a Psychologist’s Work on Race Identity Helped Overturn School Segregation in 1950s Amerika

Mamie Phipps Clark came up with the oft-cited “doll test” and provided expert testimony in Brown v. Board of Education In July 1955, black children wait to register for school in Lawrence County, Arkansas, as schools desegregate in the wake of Brown v. Board of Education. (Gordon Tenney / Smithsonian National Museum of African American History […]

A hard road to travel: black people and racism in the 19th century United States

Issue: 156 Posted on 13th October 2017 Ken Olende The following lyrics were written by an anonymous black soldier in the 54th Massachusetts (Colored) Regiment, one of the first black combat regiments, at the height of the Civil War in the United States (1861-5). They undermine the pernicious myth that black people were bystanders in the […]