This racist ‘white game’ subjected black people to abuse in the 1930s

In the 1880s and 1930s, white people enjoyed this racist game that ridiculed African-Americans. It was side attraction for many newspaper ads. Watch!       source:This racist ‘white game’ subjected black people to abuse in the 1930s Advertisements

Here Comes The Judge – Pigmeat Markham (1968) (HD Quality)

“Here Comes The Judge” – Pigmeat Markham (1968) Acknowledged as the first ‘rap’ song. That’s what Wikipedia writes about it: “James Brown is credited for inventing funk music in the middle ’60s. The characteristic funk drum beat is the most common rhythm used for rap music. Two of the earliest recordings which have a funk […]

97 Years Ago Today, Cops Helped Terrorists Kill 300 of the Most Successful Blacks in Amerika

More than 300 innocent people were killed when police assisted a racist mob in the burning and looting of the most affluent African American neighborhood in the United States. By  John Vibes On June 1, 1921, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a horrific act of racial terrorism took place, and the perpetrators were actually assisted by the […]

Gullah, descendants of Afrikan slaves in South Carolina who haven’t abandoned their cultural roots

BY FARIDA DAWKINS The Gullah Geechee Kinfolk…Pathfinders Travel Magazine The Gullah people, also referred to as the Geechee, reside in Georgia and the low country of South Carolina within the United States.  They are also located within the coast and the Sea Islands  – which are a series of minute islands along the Atlantic Ocean. They equate […]

Black Power & White Welfare, Yesterday & Today

Reflections on Richard White’s The Republic for Which It Stands: The United States during Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, 1865-1896 by  Howard Machtinger , Most of us–99% at least–must pay the other 1% by week or month or quarter for the privilege of staying here and working like slaves Henry George in his 1886 campaign […]

The 10 Black Commandents

    The 10 Black Commandments 1. One God One Aim One Destiny. Never let skin complexion, financial status or deities divide and conquer our unity. 2. Buy Black and rebuild our Black Wall Streets. 3. Having strong educational and financial institutions only make sense when we’re equipped with soldiers for self-defense. 4. Don’t call […]

Open carry was legal until armed Black Panthers protested

Photo: Walt Zeboski / Associated Press 1967 Then-Assemblyman Willie L. Brown Jr., D-San Francisco, center, talks to a Black Panther Party member May 3, 1967. They were protesting a bill before an Assembly committee restricting the carrying of loaded weapons in public. In 1966, it was legal to openly carry loaded firearms in California — […]

A reckoning for the sadism of white men in the Amerikkkan South

  Until now, the enforcement of white supremacy through racial terrorism in the form of lynching has largely been unrecognised as part of America’s history   by Ed Pilkington in Montgomery, Alabama Vanessa Croft was driving home after work in Gadsden, Alabama last month when she noticed something strange in her rear-view mirror. There were two huge flags bearing […]

The bunker is gone but the Black Panthers’ work lives on in Seattle

Seattle Black Panthers gather on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia on February 28, 1969, to protest a bill aiming to make it a crime to exhibit firearms with “an intent to intimidate others.” MUSEUM OF HISTORY AND INDUSTRY Elmer Dixon walked up to the spot where the Black Panthers fortified a building against […]