Several States Bar Landlords from Automatically Denying Housing to Felons

by Lonnie Burton At least three states and the federal government are putting landlords on notice: You may not automatically deny housing to someone simply because he or she has a felony record. These rules and guidelines take different forms, ranging from state attorney general directives to lawsuits and court decisions, legislation, and in the […]

Street-level constitutional experts

by Taru Taylor Slave patrols prevented slave revolts, captured runaway slaves and kept watch on “free” Blacks. They policed the South. In many jurisdictions, notably Charleston, South Carolina, slave patrols morphed into the official police force. Slave patrols went obsolete after the Civil War. So why does American apartheid persist despite the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth […]

Black Amerika has the Moral High Ground over whites, Once Again

The attempt of this president to resurrect the 1950s by blowing the dog whistle of racial hatred has also brought forth the public ignorance once shown by white America. The hurling of racial slurs, the taunting and harassment of young, innocent Black men, women and children in schools, places of businesses, public events and even […]

Black Bolsheviks and White Lies: Reflections on the Black Radical Tradition

by Peta Lindsay   A lot of nonsense has been written about the role of Putin’s Russia in subverting “our democracy.” As though our democracy had been functioning perfectly (even reasonably) well, until these shadowy Russian forces purchased a few Facebook ads that sent us all into the streets. It’s a laughable concept. I’m sorry, […]

Youth Incarceration in the United States, Explained

Take notes. by  PRINCE SHAKUR Since its infancy, the United States has impacted children through the penal establishment. Youth incarceration has taken many different forms, from boarding schools for indigenous children, to institutions that aimed to “pray the gay away” for LGBTQ youth, funneling children into legalized second-class citizenship through Japanese internment camps, juvenile detention or underfunded […]

Private Prisons in US Turn a Profit, Ruin Black Lives

By: Val Reynoso Inmates were escorted by a guard through San Quentin state prison in California. | Photo: Reuters Mass Incarceration is a billion-dollar industry which exploits prisoners who are predominately Black and non-white Latinx people for profit. The U.S. is currently home to the largest prison population in the world at a staggering 2.3 million […]


By Katie Mitchell / WearYourVoice Mag Bank Black: More Black homeownership and business ownership would be possible if Black-owned banks had more capital. According to a Nielsen study, Black spending power is $1.3 trillion. That’s trillion with a T. Black buying power has seen an 86 percent growth since 2000. This growth is in part due to the […]

“Boundary Safeguards and Restrictions in Southern States” (1619 – 1898)

  [Reading is from the Appendix of “Black Labor, White Wealth” By: Dr. Claud Anderson] 1619    Maryland Segregation Policy            Recommended that blacks be socially excluded. 1642     Virginia Fugitive Law                Authorized branding of an “R” in the face of runaway slaves. 1686     Carolina Trade Law                Barred blacks from all […]

100,000 U.S. Prisoners Are Trapped in Isolation Units. ‘Solitary’ Author and Forensic Psychiatrist Terry Kupers Explains Why

Bill Berkowitz – October 6, 2017 There are nearly 100,000 people being held in solitary confinement today in America’s prisons. They are locked up in cramped, often windowless cells for nearly 24 hours a day. They eat alone. They exercise alone in small fenced-in areas known as cages or dog runs. They are almost completely […]