The rise and fall of Alexandre Dumas, the black author who ruled European literature in the 1800s

Photo: Wiki CC He was known for his illustrious career as an author and literary pioneer of the 19th century, but this came at a high cost since Alexander Dumas was a Frenchman of African descent. Born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie to Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, a renowned soldier in France, and Marie-Louise Élisabeth Labouret in 1802, Dumas rose […]

Meet Alessandro, the son of an Afrikan slave woman whose father became a pope

Alessandro de’ Medici Born in 1510 in the Italian city of Urbino, Alessandro de’ Medici’s mother was an African slave named Simonetta who was serving in the Medici household. His father, according to historians, was Cardinal Giulio de Medici, who later became Pope Clement VII. The Medici were an Italian family of rulers, merchants, bankers, […]

Estavinco Dorantes: The first African slave to arrive in what is now known as the U.S.

The slave trade was a catastrophic event that severely disrupted the lives of Africans and individuals of African descent.  Though there are accounts of the voyage and other pertinent details, we are told little about the first arrivals from Africa to their unfortunate destinations.  Keep reading to learn more about Estavinco Dorantes, the first African […]

It is Necessary to Unify the Brazilian Black Movement

by Puneet Chadha and Jamile Araújo More than half of Brazil’s population is of African descent, yet concerted action among Afro-Brazilians has often been elusive. Black organizations from across the nation gathered in the city of Salvador to resist the “regressive measures” imposed by the “putschist government” of Michel Temer. “To tackle this serious crisis, […]

It’s a ‘Genocide Project’: New Study Reveals Shocking Statistics On Black People Murdered In Brazil

by Tanasia KenneyAn overwhelming majority of murder victims in Brazil are of African descent, statistics showed. (Photo by Fabio Teixeira /Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)   The killings of African descendants in Brazil has gotten so bad that a researcher has dubbed the South American nation a “genocide project” of Black people. A recent study by the Institute for Applied Economic […]

What Should Reparationz for Slavery Entail?

In the light of the former British Prime Minister’s dismissal of reparations, activists must push the debate further by detailing what reparations should entail. Fundamental to a reparations program must be the fact that we transform the system of capitalism which slavery gave birth to. We must initiate a “trans-Atlantic dialogue on reparations, as well […]

The Distinction Between Slavery And Race In U.S. History

by   PATRICK RAEL The history of the Electoral College is receiving a lot of attention. Pieces like this one, which explores “the electoral college and its racist roots,” remind us how deeply race is woven into the very fabric of our government. A deeper examination, however, reveals an important distinction between the political interests […]

US law haz long seen people of Afrikan descent az fugitivez

by Maisha Sinha An Emancipation Day parade, Richmond VA. c1905. Library of Congress   Occasionally, a mistruth spreads that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was based on the need for slave patrols. It wasn’t. It grew out of an old republican fear of standing armies as instruments of tyranny. But the surveillance of […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

We must Afrikanize everything! Our namez, our hatz, our clothez, our clubz, our churchez, our religion, our schoolz, home furnishingz, businezz, holidayz, gamez, artz, social functionz, politikal partiez, our mannerz and customz, etc., etc., etc. Begin with yourself today. You have nothing to lose or fear. It zs as natural for personz of Afrikan descent […]

Bob Marley In Afrika

Bob Marley was a pan-Africanist. His Rastafarian faith influenced a belief in the unity of African people across the globe—a perspective that’s prominent in all of his music. Throughout his years, the reggae legend wrote numerous songs against European imperialism and spoke out in support of the movement for Zimbabwean independence and against South African apartheid. […]