INTERCEPTED PODCAST: WHITE SUPREMACY AND THE CHURCH OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT   THE CONSTITUTION IS the sacred text of the civic religion that is U.S. nationalism, and that nationalism is inexorably tied to white supremacy. This week on Intercepted, historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz argues that the Second Amendment, which is rooted in genocide and slave patrols, should be abolished. She describes the relationship between U.S. wars abroad […]

Brazil’s Valongo Slave Port Becomes UNESCO Heritage Site

The Valongo Wharf in Rio de Janeiro where slaves were brought from Afrika during the 1800s. | Photo: AFP “From a historic point of view, this is a testimony to one of the most brutal episodes in the history of humankind,” a statement read. Unesco designated Brazil’s Valongo port a World Heritage Site this weekend. […]

The Deadliest Art You Never Heard Of: Enter The 52 Hand Block

By Scott Tre The Hood harbors many tribal secrets.  It has long been the final resting place for black America’s uncanny abilities regarding salvage and improvisation.  In this world, scraps left over for slaves become fine cuisine and tennis shoes become apparel worthy of collection and cataloging.  Never underestimate the ingenuity of Black America.  It […]

We Who Like It Hot Call It ‘Black August’ (The 2016 Update) – ‘bro. zayid’

It is the month when our oppressors have nothing to celebrate. It is the month where the nature of our oppression and the boldest expressions of our resistance to that oppression have been made most plain. We who like it hot call it ‘Black August’… As a concept of resistance, Black August has its beginnings […]

Unearthing of Rio Slave Port Sparkz Debate About How Black Heritage Sitez Are Handled in Brazil

  The first few times American landscape architect Sara Zewde visited Rio de Janeiro’s Valongo Wharf, she struggled to comprehend the recently unearthed remnants of what was once among the biggest slave ports in the world. Excavated starting in 2011, the site is largely inscrutable, even to the trained eye: The spot where more than […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

Bahia, a source point for Afrika in the Amerika’z Capoeira (practiced) Date: Wed, 1500-03-13 *The state of Bahia in Brazil from 1500 is remembered on this date. This is a former Portuguese/African slave region. The Portuguese Pedro Álvares Cabral landed at what is now Porto Seguro, on the southern coast of Bahia in 1500, and […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

“Soul Food” a brief history Date: Thu, 1492-02-24 *This dates Registry from 1492, offers a brief article on the origins of Soul food. Soul Food is a term used for an ethnic cuisine, food traditionally prepared and eaten by African Americans of the Southern United States. Many of the various dishes and ingredients included in […]

Why White America Fearz Black Liberation Theology

LIBERATION Why White America Fears Black Liberation TheologyFor 6 yearsAfromerica has promoted the theory of Black Nationalism, the original doctrine of the new Black Liberation Theology. Recently, through the media montages of Rev. Jeremiah Wright have we learned that America fears the words he speak and the concept behind those words, which is a form […]

400 Years Without A Comb

  400 Years Without a Comb studies the effect the denial of sufficient hair care tools had on African slaves in America. Willie Morrow has written more than 5 books and created more than 20 videos on barbering, styling, and the history of Black hair. 400 Years Without a Comb locates the origin of the […]

From slavery to suicide

by Abdul Olugbala Shakur A common denominator among individuals who commit suicide is a traumatic event and/or long-term torment which can result in psychosis. If left untreated, it can lead to suicidal thoughts with the intent to end the internal distress and anguish. This same diagnostic assessment is equally applicable to mass suicide. Youngsters in […]