Dear Al Sharpton By The Hip Hop Generation

The new breed of revolutionariez and warriorz Al Sharpton is probably one of the most recognizable Civil Rights leaders due to his work leading marches, protests and initiatives over the last few decades on issues of racial injustice. We respect it and appreciate the efforts of anyone fighting for justice, but it’s time to recognize […]

The Concurrent Tragedy of the Trayvon Martin Case and Our Political Confusions

by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson Who’s to Blame? Following what could only be called a high ratings show trial, Latino neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was acquitted by an all-female jury in the killing of unarmed New Afrikan/Black teenager Trayvon Martin.  Almost instantly, masses of outraged Black people and sympathizers took to the streets in protest.  All felt […]

Eric Holder’s Ploy to Divert Attention from Obama’s Expanded Prisons Budget

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford Attorney General Eric Holder claims to have just discovered racial disparities in prosecution and sentencing in the United States. That’s like Robert E. Lee claiming to be surprised at the existence of slavery. Holder is making noises like a prison reformer to divert attention from […]

Less Complaints, More Agitation and Perspective

by a Federal prisoner October 2012 permalink Under Lock & Key seems to not place enough emphasis on perspective for the prison “illegitimate capitalist” and the role they will need to play both in prison, and more essentially in society. MIM did this by relating prisoner writings in context to societal issues; ULK publishes “complaints” […]

A woman’s perspective: Our time is now to support our youth

by Jerri Lynn Coleman To our Black youth and men of essence who call themselves men with character and integrity, I am calling you out to take a stand, to stand for something. What will your “something” be? Whatever it may be, allow yourself to empower, enhance and impact someone’s life for the better. You […]