Albert Woodfox speakz on being a politikal prisoner interviews former Black Panther political prisoner Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3 about his case, his over four decades in isolation, his life as a Panther political prisoner and his release source: Albert Woodfox speaks on being a political prisoner

43 yearz in solitary: ‘There are moments I wish I was back there’

Albert Woodfox, who was America’s longest-standing solitary confinement prisoner up until his release in February, describes what it feels like to be free Ed Pilkington Before walking out of jail a free man in February, Albert Woodfox spent 43 years almost without pause in an isolation cell, becoming the longest standing solitary confinement prisoner in […]

Ex-Black Panther Member Albert Woodfox Pursuing Legal Action Over hiz “cruel” Solitary Confinement

Former member of Black Panther is filing a civil lawsuit regarding his solitary confinement for over four decades after his released last month. The pending lawsuit states that his long term solitary confinement was inhuman and unusual.    According to the Guardian, Albert Woodfox, who finally walks out from the prison after his long standing […]

Former Black Panther granted trial to contest 22 yearz in solitary confinement

Renée Feltz   After more than four decades behind bars, a former Black Panther has won a major breakthrough in challenging his long-term solitary confinement. The development comes after another former Black Panther, Albert Woodfox, was freed last month after he was held for a record 43 years in isolation at Louisiana’s state penitentiary. Woodfox’s […]


The media’s timid treatment of the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. by  John Perazzo After spending the past 43 years in solitary confinement in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, 69-year-old Albert Woodfox, a former Black Panther, was recently set free as part of a plea deal with state prosecutors. Exhibiting not a shred of remorse […]

FUNDRAISER for Albert Woodfox (Angola 3) / Film / Prisonerz Letter-Writing!ndr

Sunday, March 13 at 5:00 PM in EDT Mayday Space 176 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11237 Get Directions Co-sponsored by Free University-NYC, Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, NYC Free Leonard Peltier, and Mayday Space (in formation). This special event will honor the February 19 release of Albert Woodfox (the Angola 3’s last remaining […]

These Confessionz From Prisonerz in Solitary Confinement Will Break Your Heart

Albert Woodfox lived alone with his own fears for the 43 years he spent isolated behind bars — his story is just one of the many stories of people who have been locked up in solitary confinement. Nearly 20 percent of all prison inmates and 18 percent of jail inmates said they had spent time […]

Please Give To Albert’z Fund

As we celebrate that ALL THE ANGOLA 3 ARE FREE please join us in laying the foundation for Albert’s new life. We’ll never be able to make up for over four decades in solitary but those of us in minimum security know how costly life out here is. 100% of all donations will be given […]

Albert Woodfox iz Finally Free!

Did you know the resurgence in work around the Angola Three began because of a book over 15 years ago? Yes– a book. Herman Wallace, Albert Woodox, and Robert King Wilkerson wanted to readLive From Death Row by Mumia- but the prison denied it. So lawyers came on board to fight for their right to read […]

Exclusive Interview: Albert Woodfox of Angola 3, Freed After 43 Yearz in Solitary Confinement

Albert Woodfox longest-standing solitary confinement prisoner in the United States. He was held in isolation in a six-by-nine-foot cell almost continuously for 43 years. On Friday, Woodfox was released from a Louisiana jail. He is a member of the Angola 3. Robert Kingmember of the Angola 3 who spent 29 years in solitary confinement for […]