VIDEO: The Second Amendment Is Not Applied Equally To Blackz And Whitez

Police officers need to be forced to respect the law, whether they are confronting armed Caucasians or armed African Americans. The law says, in most places, that the police do not have the exclusive right to be armed. By M. David for Counter Current News   Do police officers treat African Americans legally open carrying firearms […]

The Spook Who Sat By The Door (FULL MOVIE & 2011 Video Interviewz With Sam Greenlee)

“I made a Guerrilla style film about a Guerrilla war [here in Amerika]!!!….I wrote it for the Brothers and Sistas on tha’ Block.” —- Sam Greenlee, 2011 You are about to witness an IDEA Sooo fuckin’ powerful that the Amerikan government tried to stop the printing of the book, Intimidated people out of financing the […]

The Origin of Amerikan Policing: by W.E.B. Du Bois

by NOI Research The Origin of American Policing: W.E.B. Du Bois [from BLACK RECONSTRUCTION: AN ESSAY TOWARD A HISTORY OF THE PART WHICH BLACK FOLK PLAYED IN THE ATTEMPT TO RECONSTRUCT DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, 1860-1880] “The system of slavery demanded a special police force and such a force was made possible and unusually effective by the […]

Police shootingz push COINTELPRO to back burner at UN review

by Michael Richardson United Nations Human Rights Council reviews America United Nations The United States underwent its second Universal Periodic Review on May 11 in Geneva, Switzerland. The UPR is a periodic examination of each nation’s compliance with human rights treaties and the topic of COINTELPRO prisoners was on the table. However, the three hour […]

Why White Amerikanz Don’t Believe in ‘Personal Accountability’ for Police

Whatever the explanation, there is a bewildering disconnect between white tolerance of police misconduct—including homicides—and the call for “personal accountability” that has long permeated our national policy discussions. by James Thindwa In These Times Thomas Hawk / Flickr [Reprinted with permission from In These Times. All rights reserved.] By a margin of 41 percent […]

The barbaric police bombing of MOVE: May 13th at 30

by Mumia Abu-Jamal Why should we care what happened on May 13th, 1985? I mean, seriously, that was 30 years ago, a long time ago, way back when, know what I mean? Most people won’t say that – but they think it. I’ll tell you why: because what happened then is a harbinger of what’s […]

A Nation of Snitchez

By Chris Hedges A Transportation Security Administration sign at Los Angeles’ main rail terminal, Union Station, urges that suspicious activities be reported to authorities. It declares, “If You See Something Say Something.” (AP / Damian Dovarganes) A totalitarian state is only as strong as its informants. And the United States has a lot of them. […]

Flowerz Are Better Than Bulletz

Speech by Laurel Krause from the 45th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre on May 4, 2015. My sister Allison Beth Krause was one of four Kent State students killed by the Ohio National Guard. She was peacefully protesting the Vietnam war on that day and for this she was killed by the US government […]

Marilyn Mosby Getz The Angela Davis Black Power Award

“Mrs. Mosby was suppose-to consider the personal political and economic impact her decision to indict the police would have on her career, on her standing with the entrenched WASP Establishment and it’s greedy negro sympathizers. Instead she charged “Johnny Law” with homicide.” Angela Davis is the essence of intelligent, yet passionate “Black defiance.” Her fist […]

A Captured or Dead Assata wouldn’t be to Silence Her: It Would be to Silence Uz

Az a supporter of Queen Mother Assata and all Black Nationalistz and Politikal Prisonerz/ Freedom Fighterz  the world over we (I) shall never be silenced 4 it iz my duty and and honour to continue the fight that the Elderz and my Ancestorz have been in since the 1st chance meeting on Afrkan soil. The Struggle […]