Islam az Liberation Theology

by Wiawimawo of MIM(Prisons)  permalink   In the 20th century New Afrikans reached out to Islam in an attempt to find identity outside of Amerikkkan culture. In Islam they found history, identity, independence, integrity and a connection to the larger world, in particular the Third World. Today, revolutionary Islam is reaching out to New Afrikans and […]

Human Zoo’z

Racism is deeply embedded in our culture.  Slavery of African people, ethnic cleansing of Native Americans and colonialist imperialism are seeds that intertwine to create racism that still has impacts today.  One example of the sad human history of racism — of colonizers seeing themselves as superior to others — is the long history of […]

Faux Loc Trend Even Has White People Lining Up: Historical and Spiritual Roots of Locz

September 19, 2015 by The Reel Network By Dana C. Ayres The American culture is a hopelessly materialistic one. To a large degree, it helps to keep things “light” when there are so many contrasting realities in our amalgamous culture. However, in the quest for openness, acceptance and celebration of the differences in our nation, […]

“The Devil Findz Work”: New York City Honorz itz Own Native Son James Baldwin

By Dana C. Ayres James Baldwin was one of the foremost critical thinkers and one of the most prolific writers in American history. His fans, the world over, are given a clear glimpse into his ability to dissect American culture from an objective standpoint, all the while relating everything to his readers from a tangible […]

The Whirlwind: Letter from political prisoner, Richard Mafundi Lake

Richard Mafundi Lake Published Nov  8, 2013 Richard “Mafundi” Lake Uhuru News reprints here a letter from Richard “Mafundi” Lake to Chaplain Brian Eskelinen and Assistant Chaplain David Bucher of the Donaldson Unit of the Alabama Prison System where Mafundi is confined. The letter is in response to the closing down of a successful Black History Program […]