Intercommunalism (1974)

by Huey P. Newton  June 11, 2018 PDF On September 5, 1970, Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party (BPP), introduced his theory of intercommunalism at the Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.1 He later expanded on this theory before an audience at Boston College in November of that year, and then again In […]

TROUBLE #10: SCHOOL’S OUT Download HD * SD * Translate * Torrent * Subtitles (Spanish Sections) * Screening Kit * Screening Kit for Students * Poster Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 34:49 — 156.6MB) | Embed YEAR 2018 LENGTH 34 MINS  Greetings Troublemakers! This month we bring you a new episode of Trouble entitled “School’s Out: (more) student struggles against capital and the state” These are hard times for those pursuing a so-called “higher education”. All around […]

TROUBLE # 4: NO JUSTICE… JUST US No Justice… Just Us: Movement Defense Against State Repression The struggle for a new, better world is not for the faint of heart. Movements of collective liberation, if they are effective, will inevitably face repression. The institutional pillars of domination and exploitation are well-entrenched in society, well-versed in manipulation, and utterly ruthless in their […]


Panther Breakfast Program By Tom “Big Warrior” Watts Revolutionary-Intercommunalism is the theoretical understanding that the world we live in today, has become globalized and the principle contradiction in the world is now between the need of the capitalist-imperialist ruling class to consolidate their global hegemony and the anarchy and chaos they are unleashing by attempting […]

Anarchism and the Black Revolution

DEDICATION For the second edition of Anarchism and the Black Revolution I dedicate this second edition of Anarchism and the Black Revolution to Comrade Ginger Katz, one of the founders of the original North American Anarchist Black Cross almost 15 years ago. It was Ginger Katz who almost single -handedly arranged for the typesetting, publishing […]