Through his art, a former prisoner diagnoses the systemic sickness of Florida’s penitentiaries

Moliere Dimanche would use anything he could scrounge up – pieces of folders, the back of commissary forms, old letters – as canvases. Moliere Dimanche, Author provided In 2007, Haitian-American artist Moliere Dimanche was sentenced to 10 years in Florida state prisons, where he ended up serving eight-and-a-half years. While imprisoned, he made art – a series […]

‘AFRIKIN Highlights Afrikan Art and Afrikan Culture During Haitian Heritage Month With a Keynote by Mutabaruka

  AFRIKIN showcases art, fashion, foods, & talks to celebrate the future of the Diaspora on May 19th birthday of Malcolm X in Downtown Miami. AFRIKIN presents AFRIKIN 2018 | Art • Culture • Community, on Saturday, May 19 at the beautiful Zenith Art & Fashion in Downtown Miami. The evening will celebrate the beauty, strength and progress of our […]

Brazilian Afrofuturism: “Tales of the Orishas” turns historically stigmatized divinities into powerful superheroes

  By Beatriz Miranda In Brazil, comic books have always been a synonym of Marvel, DC, Thor and Superman. Since very long, Western narratives and white heroes are all we have been consuming and understanding as comic culture. Sick of taking such references for granted, the Brazilian comics lover and designer Hugo Canuto created “Tales […]

All Power to the People

“Reclaiming a missed opportunity.”


In 1970, artist Faith Ringgold made a poster for the Committee to Defend the Black Panthers. A black face looked out from a red background. Some of the facial features were rendered in green, completing the triumvirate of the African liberation color palette. “Free all political prisoners,” it read. “All power to the people.” Ringgold […]

Cortney Lamar Charleston – “How Do You Raise a Black Child?” (Motionpoems)

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Abolition Collective letter of support for Jalil Muntaqim

The Abolition Collective expresses its support and solidarity with Jalil Muntaqim, Political Prisoners, and the right of incarcerated people to engage in popular education. Jalil has been politically active since his incarceration. Most recently, he was punished for teaching an administratively sanctioned Black History class in Attica Prison, and was transported to a supermax prison […]

Look at Two Fractalz and Call Me in the Morning

Aesthetic images can induce staggering changes to the body, including radical reductions in the observer’s stress levels. Richard Taylor The Conversation Are fractals the key to why Pollock’s work captivates? AP Photo/LM Otero Humans are visual creatures. Objects we call “beautiful” or “aesthetic” are a crucial part of our humanity. Even the oldest known examples […]

On death row, art iz a way to win heartz and mindz

by Sharon Verghis Tyrone Chalmers started drawing at age 8. “Art shadows me everywhere I go in life … my best work comes from within my dreams.” Chalmers is a passionate and committed artist. He is also a convicted murderer on death row. In handwritten letters to Guardian Australia sent from Unit 2 at Riverbend […]


Symbols are visual keys that have meaning to people with a common heritage around a given symbol. The Gospel of Saint Philip states that “truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in types and images. One will not receive the truth in any other way.” Important iconic symbols arose in many […]