Through his art, a former prisoner diagnoses the systemic sickness of Florida’s penitentiaries

Moliere Dimanche would use anything he could scrounge up – pieces of folders, the back of commissary forms, old letters – as canvases. Moliere Dimanche, Author provided In 2007, Haitian-American artist Moliere Dimanche was sentenced to 10 years in Florida state prisons, where he ended up serving eight-and-a-half years. While imprisoned, he made art – a series […]

Ain’t Nothing New Under The Sun

“Ain’t nothing new under the sun. In this era, it is not the first time in which the white ruling class has paraded intensely medicated abstract artists around to be the spokespersons for the conditions of the black community. In order to at minimum, result with the community being as confused as the same said […]

Black Livez Matter

“Black Lives Matter was born as a social media response to this verdict, meant to interrupt a public narrative that criminalizes and devalues Black people’s lives in America. With support from techies, designers, artists and thousands of activists across the country, Black Lives Matter is now an online to offline political movement, affirming the humanity […]