Barack and Fidel: A Beyond Bizarre Comparison

It is laughable – or pitiful – to compare Barack Obama to Fidel Castro. The fundamental truth is: “Barack Obama is the president of imperialism, PERIOD. By necessity he must be a mass murdering, lying, enemy of humanity. It is an unspoken prerequisite for that job. Fidel Castro is the opposite, PERIOD.” That’s why a […]

Abu-Jamal on Obama, Ferguson, and How Afrikan-Amerikanz ‘Live in Hell’

“Oppression abroad gives rise to oppressions at home,” Abu-Jamal tells Sputnik in his first exclusive interview following a stint in solitary confinement. America’s most famous “political prisoner” argues that the plight of African-Americans has only gotten worse under President Obama. Activist and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner […]

Mumia Abu Jamal: Unsaid at Selma

The 1st Black president of Amerika gave an excellent speech az always but he left so much unsaid. I been saying 4 8yearz don’t believe the hype…   Who can question whether President Barack Obama is a master when it comes to speeches? Such a quality literally put him on the map when he mesmerized […]

The Black Horse Iz Out of the Barn

  by Perry Redd “When it comes to racism, the only way to eradicate it is to face it, own up to it and speak it out of existence.”   Have you gotten a pair yet? Cat’s got your tongue again, huh? I know you can’t really talk about that around the water cooler at […]

“I Had Trouble Sleeping,” Lawyer Sayz After Viewing Guantánamo Force-Feeding Videoz

  On the weekend of June 14/15, as I explained in an article last week, lawyers for Abu Wa’el Dhiab, a Syrian prisoner at Guantánamo who is on a hunger strike and being force-fed, began watching videos of their client’s force-feeding and “forcible cell extractions” — when prisoners are violently removed from their cells by […]

Republicanz . . . A Divided Team Their Only Commonalty Iz Despisal Of Black N’ Tan People

Eric Cantor,’s fall from grace n’ power has by-now been well-documented. The Clark Kent pencil-necked, spec-wearing fallen Congressional Super-politician who opposed President Obama over the last few years, represented the Reagan Neo-Conservative chunk of the GOP, and he did it with all the arrogance and indifference of a renegade Confederate General . . nonetheless it […]

amerikan racism against people of colour (poc)

    Any of you remember seeing those old signs that would say “Whites  Only, No Colored”? This is exactly the same thing, now its  “Americans Only, No Mexicans”. Racism against Mexicans/Chicanos is alive and well in this country. Throughout the Southwest many businesses were owned by supporters of the KKK. That is not an […]

Israel and US: Common strategiez to control politikal prisonerz – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Protesters hold signs as they call for the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in front of the White House in Washington DC [AFP] The Israeli and US governments are swapping playbooks in their determination to suppress resistance among those who already are among the most powerless. The US military has been holding more […]

Uncle Sam in Blackface: Barack Obama and the Designz of U.S. Imperialism

Author’s 2014 publishing note:  The rough draft of this article was originally written in early 2009, following Barack Obama’s inauguration as the first Black U.S. President.  It was not finalized nor published prior to 2014 because shortly after it was written prison officials mixed it in with documents that they took and withheld from me […]