6 Afrikan countries where people were stolen and shipped like animals to Europe

by FARIDA DAWKINS Images of slaves during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade…National Endowment for the Humanities The enslavement of individuals is an injustice that has been documented as being in existence as early as c. 1860 BC.  There are many slave trades that have affected civilizations throughout history such as the Arab, East African and Trans-Atlantic slave trades.  […]

The Thiaroye massacre, 1944

by Steven Johns A short history of the mass killing of black soldiers in the Free French Forces who were protesting against non-payment of wages towards the end of World War II. It is an often-neglected fact that the majority of General De Gaulle’s Free French Forces were not white Frenchmen but were predominantly troops from […]


#WOMENSHISTORYMONTH DAHOMEY: MEET THE BADDEST WOMEN IN BLACK HISTORY The research used to write this article was adopted from the book Amazons of Black Sparta: The Women Warriors of Dahomey. The Black Spartans of Dahomey were one of history’s most fearsome warrior class. But unlike the Samurai of Japan, the Knights of Europe, or the […]

Scarifaction and Tattooing in Benin: the Betamaribe Tribe of the Atakora Mountainz

Surf pounding the Slave Coast of Ouidah The Python Temple of Ouidah THE YEAR IS 1680, and massive surf is pounding the beach shore at the bustling African slave port of Ouidah. A fleet of European ships waits offshore for thousands of newly captured slaves that have just been sold at the auction block under […]