“Negro” by Langston Hughez

I am a Negro: Black as the night is black, Black like the depths of my Africa. I’ve been a slave: Caesar told me to keep his door-steps clean. I brushed the boots of Washington. I’ve been a worker: Under my hand the pyramids arose. I made mortar for the Woolworth Building. I’ve been a […]

Black August: Beyond 34 yearz of resistance

August 9, 2013 by Shaka At-thinnen When the concept of Black August manifested in 1979, many thought it was simply a focus group protest growing out of the avoidable death of Khatari Gaulden on Aug. 1, 1978, in the San Quentin prison infirmary. Survival for Africans in California’s prison population of 20,000 inmates had to […]

From Freedom Summer to Black August

Dan Berger August 19, 2014 San Quentin prison (Gino Zahnd/Flickr) This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Freedom Summer, when thousands of mostly white college students from around the country traveled to Mississippi to contest segregation at its most violent source. Commemorations of the momentous civil rights campaign appropriately highlight the black political participation that […]

Huey P. Newton Prelude to Revolution -#BlackAugust Film Discussion

National Black United Front Huey P. Newton: Prelude to Revolution #BlackAugust Film and Panel Discussion and Political Prisoner Letter Writting Tuesday August 18 7pm Emergence Community Arts Collective 733 Euclid Street NW Washington DC Featuring Jonathan Muhammad – Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Yejide Orunmila – African National Women’s Organization Candice Corbin – Community Activist Sponsored […]

Black August Call to Celebrate Freedom Fighterz Year Round

by a New York prisoner April 2015 permalink The celebration of Black August really should be all year round. Only we can make this change. Carter G. Woodson is the father of Black History Week, and some 50 years later we have Black History Month. For those who lack knowledge of Black August, it’s considered […]

The criminality of solitary confinement

by Steve Martinot Introduction In this series of articles, we have traced the various mechanisms whereby the prison procedures of “gang validation” are used to deny the civil rights, the human rights and even the humanity of the prisoners. These procedures mark the criminality of the prison administration. We have been considering the case of […]

The Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) and human freedom

by Steve Martinot After Germany’s defeat in World War II, the leadership of the Nazi Party was brought to trial in what has become known as the Nuremberg Process. From that process, new social principles emerged, concepts such as “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.” Naked and arbitrary aggression was outlawed, as was the concept of […]

Prisonz, gangz, witchhuntz and white supremacy

by Steve Martinot “My brotha, I don’t intend to give up. I will continue to promote the New Afrikan Independence Movement and the Republic of New Afrika via New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalism (NARN). I will continue to coordinate the GJU as well as the BAMCC. I will not allow these racist pigs to criminalize our […]