By Mama Ayanna Mashama Each year officially since 1979 we have used the month of August to focus on the oppressive treatment of our brothers and sisters disappeared inside the state run gulags and concentration camps America calls prisons. It is during this time that we concentrate our efforts to free our mothers, fathers, sisters, […]

Get ready for The Black August Veggie BBQ and Poetry Jam, East Orange, NJ.

The Annual “Black August Veggie BBQ and Poetry Jam” is right around the corner. Come out and relax, represent, be inspired, enjoy delicious food and support a righteous cause. So dust off all those old lyrics and writings you hid in the closet and get ready. We hope to see you there with the family. […]


Black August originated in the California penal system to honor fallen Freedom Fighters, Jonathan Jackson, George Jackson, William Christmas, James McClain and Khatari Gaulden. Jonathan Jackson was gunned down outside the Marin County California courthouse on August 7, 1970 as he attempted to liberate three imprisoned Black Liberation Fighters: James McClain, William Christmas and Ruchell […]

Black August

Black August: “A month of meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice and divine justice.”
- Mumia Abu-Jamal   His­tory : Black August ori­gin­ated in the con­cen­tra­tion camps of Cali­for­nia to honor fallen Free­dom Fight­ers, Jonathan Jack­son, George Jack­son, Wil­liam Christ­mas, James McClain and Khatari Gaulden. Jonathan Jack­son was gunned down out­side the Marin County Cali­for­nia […]

Wattz Rebellion: Black August

During and before WWII, Watts had a huge population boom. Thousands of Blacks came from the South looking for jobs and a better life. However, they found unemployment and despair. The Watts Riots began on the evening of August 11, 1965. Near Watts, a Black resident flagged down a white officer and told him that […]

Special assignment: George Jackson funeral

by Billy X Jennings I was working at Central Headquarters of the Black Panther Party (BPP) when George Jackson was murdered by guards in San Quentin Prison in 1971. I had never met George personally, but I knew his mother and sister, who worked very closely with the Party. I had met his brother Jonathan […]

Nwa Out Black August {Full Film}

This month and year mark the 34rd anniversary of the existence and observance of Black August, the movement that honors the radical resistance, resilience, and collective action of Afrikan peoples of the Diaspora. From the Haitian Revolution, to Underground Railroad, to the March on Washington, to the Watts uprisings, people of color have been resisting […]

Media, Revolution, and the Legacy of the Black Panther Party

  An interview with Kiilu Nyasha By Hans Bennett Kiilu Nyasha is a San Francisco-based journalist and former member of the Black Panther Party (BPP). Kiilu hosts a weekly TV program, “Freedom Is A Constant Struggle,” on SF Live (Comcast 76 and AT&T 99), which can be viewed live at every Friday at 7:30 pm (PST), […]

Ruchell Magee

RUCHELL CINQUE            MAGEE POLITICAL            PRISONER Introduction to Ruchell Cinque Magee’s            Case By            Curtis Mullins Ruchell Cinque Magee            is the longest held political prisoner in the world, he has been in            jail for more than 42 years, his captives hold him in violation of            the law and the Constitution. His is the classic            case of fraud […]

The W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program

by Kíjana Tashiri Askari, Baridi Yero and Yafeu Iyapo “To enable the people of the community to have an intelligent or informed opinion about matters of importance, the principal role of leaders is to study and to institute studies upon the basis of which plans are developed.” – from “The Destruction of Black Civilization,” Page 357, by Chancellor Williams […]