Stokely Carmichael and Black Power This week marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act. At the end of June, 1964, Stokely Carmichael, Martin Luther King Jr., and hundreds of civil rights activists marched across Mississippi to register African-American voters in one of the turning points of the civil rights movement. In remembrance of […]

The Black Panther Party – Intercommunal Newz Service

Never to forget the courageous struggle of the many heroes of the civil rights movement in the US and other countries throughout the world. The people who stood up for human dignity and the end of oppression will allways remain in the conscience of mankind. This 2007 documentary from The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation […]

150 yearz of Black liberation strugglez

On Jan. 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which ostensibly eliminated chattel slavery in the antebellum South. However, the Civil War, fought over the secession of the slave-holding states from the Union, was far from resolved. It took another two years for the Confederacy to collapse. In the Civil War’s concluding months, […]

NYC, Sun., Jan. 17: 20th Annual Dinner Honoring Familiez of Our PPz/POWz

​Donate to 20th ANNUAL DINNER TRIBUTE to the FAMILIES of our PP/POWs: “800 Years of Legacy, Commitment & Sacrifice: Honoring our Captive Black Freedom Fighters” November 2015 Greetings Community: In 1995, our Beloved co-founder and Chairman Emeritus, the late Herman Ferguson, and his wife, comrade and life partner, Iyaluua Ferguson, along with the late […]

Brother Hugo Pinell: The tragic loss of a true servant

by Taharka Omowale When I received the sad and shocking news about our loss of Brother Hugo Pinell, aka Yogi Bear and Dahariki, I must say it felt like a big blow to my gut. In losing our Brother Hugo Pinell, I lost not only a brother, but a comrade, hero, motivator and educator. Brother […]


‘LIBERATION OR GANGSTERISM’ – BY RUSSEL ‘MAROON’ SHOATZ , EX BLACK LIBERATION ARMY / PANTHER POLITICAL PRISONER BREAKS IT DOWN Short introduction – problematics of gangsterism in revolutionary praxis The following is an article I came across in the excellent one volume collected writings of the elder revolutionary brother Russell Maroon Shoatz. A towering revolutionary […]

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Ronald “Elder “ Freeman

Ronald “Elder” Freeman Honoring the Life and Legacy of Ronald “Elder “ Freeman Life long Freedom Fighter in the Black Liberation Struggle Field Secretary and original member of the Southern California Chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. LISTEN to a special program on Elder Freeman including the voices of Roland Freeman, Ericka […]

Amerika’z War Against Black Power

    By Charlene Muhammad -National Correspondent-   ( – Human rights activists are calling on the government to grant amnesty and unconditional freedom to all political prisoners incarcerated because of COINTELPRO, a secret federal law enforcement program that destroyed Black and dissident organizations in the 1960s and 1970s. Men and women who sacrificed […]

The Black Liberation Martyrz

                  The Black Liberation Martyrs                                                                                          (A Partial Listing) Nameless thousands have resisted even unto death for the liberation of African people, beginning on the shores of the Mother continent itself and continuing through the Middle Passage, Slavery, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Struggle, the Black Liberation Struggle, and the struggles of today. The fact […]

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Please sign tha petition & spread widely. Thankz From Dr. Mutulu Shakur This paper is a response to questions and concerns regarding the “Discussion Paper” of the application of a Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal that addresses the conflict between the civil rights/black liberation struggle against the U.S. COINTELPRO low intensity warfare. There are some among our […]