The answer is Black Nationalism!

Bla1976 federal court school desegregation ruling. The fact that the process was overseen by an appointed special overseer (yeah, that was his apropos title) should have revealed to the naïve that the “integration” ruling was a placebo. Others believe Black Nationalism was pushed to the side by missionaries and poverty pimps who took over the […]


By Tom “Big Warrior” Watts 3/1/2018   There was a time when you could be a “revolutionary nationalist,” when progressive nationalism lead inevitably to liberal democracy and socialism. This was the period of rising capitalism, when it was in contradiction with dying feudalism and dying colonialism. But now we are in the period of neoliberalism […]

Is It Nation Time? The Black Nationalism of Black Panther

 by  Sean Posey In the fall of 1992, a unique moment in American cinema captured the attention of the nation. Auteur Spike Lee released his magnum opus, Malcolm X, to wide critical acclaim. But more than that, for the first time, a biopic of one of the central characters in the history of Black Nationalism reached an […]

Revisiting Black Nationalism and the National Question

by Ken Morgan Revisiting Black Nationalism and the National Question “Economic disparities, police brutality, inequalities et al. go together with capitalism.” I was privileged to learn from and work with Harry Haywood . Most if not all readers of the Black Agenda Report know his legacy and history in the black struggle. If not, please do check […]

The Marxist Proposition, Claudia Jones, and Black Nationalism

by Denise Lynn Claudia Jones Many in the American Left hoped that a worldwide socialist revolution would follow the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. When no revolution materialized, the Soviet Union, in an attempt to keep the revolutionary fervor alive, challenged Communists overseas to push for revolutionary change in their own countries. For Black Americans, it was the […]

Black Power’s Global Pulse

By Quito Swan   Black Power demonstration and march, Lancaster Road, West London, 1970. Source: British National Archives. This year, the Black Panther Party (BPP), arguably the most influential Black Power organization, celebrated fifty years since its founding. While many remember the Party for its political influence in the United States, the BPP was also one of the key […]

The 1967 Rebellion and Visions of an Independent Black Detroit

By Austin McCoy Image of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion in Detroit 1967: Origins, Impacts, Legacies. Photo: Thomas Giggs. In all likelihood, the progressive slogan—“Another city is possible”—grew from the ashes of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion. While many will remember the destruction, the presence of the National Guard, and the many who died during the uprising, it is […]

Black Nationalism and Liberation

by GARRETT FELBER Nation of Islam counter-demonstration at NAACP rally in Harlem, 1961 / Photograph: NAACP collection, Library of Congress In a world where Donald Trump’s presidential nomination speech has been endorsed by a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan—yet Black Lives Matter activists are accused of reverse racism for asking to not be murdered […]

The 16 Black Pantherz Still Behind Barz

What iz wrong here fam. We need these Elderz back on the streetz. Colorlines Screenshot of Black Panther Party Members, taken from Okayplayer’s Instagram on October 15, 2015  In this informal census presents the names of those who are still in prison, who were recently released and who died while incarcerated. One of the […]