New Poem and Request from Jalil Muntaqim

  Here is a request from Jalil Muntaqim as we begin his parole campaign for his hearing in June 2016. Jalil would like people to contact Tavis Smiley and request that he interview Ward Churchill about Jalil’s book Escaping the Prism. and He would also like people to contact Amy Goodman and request […]

Black Pantherz and Black Livez Matter – parallelz and progrezz

Millions March Texas. Elizabeth Brossa/flickr, CC BY-NC-SA Comparing the 1960s and 1970s Black Panther Party and today’s Black Lives Matter movement reveals parallels and progress. Stanley Nelson’s recently released film The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution juxtaposes the party’s justice movement against the Black Lives Matter protest campaign. Conceived about 50 years apart, both […]


Stokely Carmichael was a well known civil rights activists who dedicated his whole entire life to the improving the conditions of Black people in this country.  He eventually changed his name to Kwame Ture. In this brief video, the great activist’s is giving an interview well after the civil rights era, on how and why conditions […]

The World of Sakanouye No Tamuramaro: Black Shogun of Early Japan

by RUNOKO RASHIDI In 1994 I was invited to Japan to lecture at two United States military bases. It was to be my initial trip to east Asia and my second travel experience in Asia overall. I visited India for the first time in 1987. Japan turned out to be an exceptionally important trip for me, […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

Any revolution is going to be a harvest of the dispossessed, the downtrodden and the most radical and violent young men, for the cause of their liberation. People take with them into struggle the legacy of their oppression and the weapons they’ve been taught to use to survive. People learn through the struggle. If it goes […]

Blackz Can’t Be Racist

Many times,in the presence of whites,I found myself in a position that no black person should ever find themselves in.After being accused of being a racist by liberals and conservatives,both black and white,I found myself having to explain my existence as a black person and why the system does not favor a person of color.Having […]

History (our story) of the California Blackz Nation Califianz (Khalifianz) The First Amerikanz

“…They manipulate our history books; the history books are not true; it’s a lie. The history books are lying, you need to know that, you must know that.’  — Michael Jackson by  Diane Blackmon Photo of Indigenous Americans – black native Americans *According to, author James W. Loewen in his best selling book “Lies My Teacher Told […]