Revolutionary Daily Thought

An organization which claims to speak for the needs of a community, as does the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, must speak in the tone of that community, not as somebody else’s buffer zone. This is the significance of black power as a slogan. For once, black people are going to use the words they want […]

Some Thoughtz on Recent Police Killingz

By Herman Bell, Black Panther Party/BLA Political Prisoner: “You may wonder what my take is of the (most recent) police killings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge and of the five police that were killed and six wounded in Dallas.  These events, at least the killing of unarmed civilians, are such common occurrences nowadays til talk about […]

Can Black People Unite? – The Picket Fence in Our Race

Black People have so many divisions. Light Skin v/s Dark Skin Educated/Uneducated European Mannerisms/Non European Mannerisms It’s like the “Picket Fence” is still prevalent. Learn how we were even broken down from fighting for liberation to ultimately fighting to be like the oppressor and where it leaves us today. Link to Ending Song:…

I am Micah

by Rev. Reynard Blake, Jr. “I may not kill but I am armed to deconstruct bullshit.” I am Micah by Rev. Reynard Blake, Jr. I may not have killed Dallas Police officers But there’s a Micah X. Johnson in me I have rage A “Bigger Thomas” rage A John Brown rage A Malcolm X rage […]

Blackz & the 4 of ju-lie

Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? Yes, we are celebrating AN independence but is it YOUR independence. For many of us it is simply tradition, but in re-learning and “shaking off indoctrinations” it may be time to SHAKE THIS HOLIDAY LOOSE. That’s right. Let it go. Don’t fight it……just let it go. It […]

Fatal Shootingz by Police Are Up Over 2015

source: Fatal shootings by police are up by 6 percent during the first six months of 2016, compared with the same period last year. Fatal encounters are strikingly similar to last year’s shootings: Blacks continued to be shot at 2.5 times the rate of whites. But many more are being captured on video. Kimberly Kindy, […]

Black Power, Black Livez and Pan-Africanism Conference underway now in Jackson, Mississippi

Conference is Thursday-Sunday, June 16-19, at the Chokwe Lumumba Center for Economic Democracy and Development, 939 West Capitol St., Jackson, MS 39203 by Kali Akuno A brief history of Black power Fifty years ago, a slogan, idea and movement was resurrected and reincarnated in Mississippi that would forever change the political landscape in the United […]


“Wilmington on Fire” is a stunning movie about the racist massacre that took place in Wilmington, North Carolina when in 1898 a mob of whites burned down Black businesses in downtown Wilmington and either killed or exiled its Black citizens, threatening death to some of the Black property owners if they even thought about returning. […]