The first Black Samurai Yasuke gets animated series and comic book!

The hidden history of the first black Samurai, Yasuke, is re-emerging through the form of an animated series and comic book created by Deranta’ Avaloy. Titled Yasuke: Birth of A Samurai, Avaloy and team have launched a HatchFund campaign to bring to life their take on Yasuke’s story. Production on ‘Yasuke’ has already begun, but the team is […]

6 Little-Known Facts About Yasuke, the All-Powerful Black Samurai of Feudal Japan

He Was an Enslaved African Soldier Given Into the Care of an Italian Missionary The origins of Yasuke are shrouded in mystery, but historians believe the African soldier was born in 1555 in what was then Portuguese Mozambique. He was reportedly sold into slavery following the fall of Abysinnian Bengal, an African kingdom ruled by […]