Dismantle the Pipeline: A Review of Susan Anglada Bartley’s ‘A Different Vision: A Revolution Against Racism in Public Education’ (Luminare Press) | David Gilbert

by David Gilbert School was always a breeze for me. “Correct English” came naturally–it was the way people spoke at home. As for social studies, I was well-versed in the mythology of American democracy that masqueraded as “history.” My parents instilled confidence that I could excel at science and math, which they saw as a […]

Inside Prison, Racial Pride Often Looks Like Hypocrisy

Illustration by DonkeyHotey via Flickr Prior to being confined, I had never heard of Kwanzaa. I knew nothing about Juneteenth. During my short time in the free world, I met nobody who celebrated such things. Then, following my arrival at Washington State Penitentiary, a prisoner that I lived on the cellblock with offered me a “Happy Kwanzaa” […]

A new look at racial disparities in police use of deadly force

by Joseph Cesario One of the most important social issues of the last five years is fatal police shootings of black Americans. The concern that police fatally shoot blacks at higher rates than whites has given rise to a strong push for department-wide interventions for police officers. Such interventions, usually in the form of “implicit bias” training, […]

The Lesson of Emmett Till Has Been Ignored for Decades

Reopening the Till case doesn’t even begin to address the white terrorism festering in Trump’s America By JAMIL SMITH  Emmett Till Bettmann/Getty Images Murder can be a message, and the men who lynched Emmett Till in 1955 surely sought to communicate through his broken and bloated flesh. The 14-year-old boy falsely accused of sexually harassing Carolyn Bryant […]

Slave Names: Time To Do Away With This Mental Slavery

  Black people in many cases are still suffering from post traumatic slavery disease             AFRICANGLOBE – Names are important and should not be taken for granted. Even the Bible clearly gives a profound teaching on the importance and the significance of names in the living of humanity. The book of […]

The way history is taught in South Afrika is ahistorical – and that’s a problem

History textbooks suggest that in 1994 when formal apartheid and racial exclusion ended, so did prejudice and racism. United Nations Photo/Flickr, CC BY Natasha Robinson History may soon be a compulsory school subject until Grade 12 in South Africa. A task team established by the country’s minister of basic education made this bold recommendation in a report released in early […]

Will the Next ‘Black Panther’ Be a Latino Superhero?

El Peso Hero. (Rio Bravo Comics) “Black Panther” has introduced a new generation to a black superhero, but when Latinos watch a Marvel movie, they see they are not well represented. El Peso Hero wants to change that. Created by Hector Rodriguez, “El Peso Hero” is a comic book series influenced by the modern-day challenges people on […]

The Fallacy of 1619: Rethinking the History of Afrikans in Early Amerika

 September 4, 2017 by Michael Guasco “Landing of first twenty slaves at Jamestown.” 1911. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Jean Blackwell Hutson Research and Reference Division, The New York Public Library Digital Collections.  In 1619, “20. and odd Negroes” arrived off the coast of Virginia, where they were “bought for victualle” by labor-hungry English colonists. […]

Letter from a Region in My Mind

by James Baldwin  1/30/1963, New York, NY. James Baldwin sprawls across the bed in his New York apartment to jot down some notes. Photograph by Bettmann / Corbis Take up the White Man’s burden— Ye dare not stoop to less— Nor call too loud on Freedom To cloak your weariness; By all ye cry or […]

Do Black Activists Have An Obligation To Tone Down Their Rhetoric ?

  Whenever the oppressed in general, and Black people in particular, raise strong — even militant — objections to their treatment, there are always those who say “Tone it down.”  Many people — both Black and White — are uncomfortable when forced to confront the issues of race and racism: Many Whites don’t want to […]