School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson

Whitney Curtis for ProPublica School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson Michael Brown beat the odds by graduating from high school before his death — odds that remain stacked against black students in St. Louis and the rest of the country. by Nikole Hannah-Jones  ON AUGUST 1, FIVE BLACK STUDENTS in satiny green and red robes and mortar […]

Reports of the Death of Jim Crow Prove Greatly Exaggerated

One of America’s most cherished myths is that the civil rights movement killed Jim Crow. It didn’t. For more than a century, that dirty bird has proven itself almost immortal. Who was—who is—Jim Crow? For the record, he is both much less and much more than a man. In 1828, an elderly black stableman, the […]

Racial Segregation Returnz to US Schoolz, 60 Yearz After the Supreme Court Banned It

  The Conversation / By Paul L. Thomas, Ed.D. Racial Segregation Returns to U  The ideal of educational integration championed in the Brown decision remains far from a reality in America’s schools. Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell (CC) via As the United States approaches the 60th anniversary of the landmark 1954 Brown vs the Board […]