Bryant Arroyo: On the inside, speaking out on prisons

SCI Frackville, Pa. — Even from within the confines of a state correctional institution in rural Pennsylvania, Bryant Arroyo is on the move. Just in the last few months he has spoken at Harvard University and Haverford College, testified at a roundtable discussion on prison conditions in Center City Philadelphia and been the keynote speaker […]

Imprisoned PA activist: ‘time to speak’ on water crisis

By Bryant Arroyo   Bryant Arroyo is an environmental activist imprisoned at the State Correctional Institution–Frackville in Pennsylvania   On Sept. 19, 21, 24 and 27, prisoners at the State Correctional Institution—Frackville experienced four incidents with respect to the water crisis. Drinking contaminated toxic water, an overwhelming majority of the inmate population experienced bouts of diarrhea, […]

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Pennsylvania prisoner fights toxic prisons

By Bryant Arroyo This is the lightly edited text of a speech given for the Fight Toxic Prisons 2017 National Convergence Conference, held June 3 in Denton/Ft. Worth, Texas. Arroyo’s remarks were recorded for the occasion by Prison Radio. Hello there, environmentalists, ecologists, bioneers, blue-gold/rain forest protectors, movers/shakers, GMO opponents, Green Tech innovators, Indigenous leaders […]

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A Visit to a Jailhouse Environmentalist

On Monday, February 13, Joe Piette of International Action Center in Philadelphia and I, of International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal in New York City, headed from our respective cities to meet in Frackville Prison (Frackville PA, just a few miles away from Mahanoy where Mumia is housed), to visit the environmental activist […]

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