A reckoning for the sadism of white men in the Amerikkkan South

  Until now, the enforcement of white supremacy through racial terrorism in the form of lynching has largely been unrecognised as part of America’s history   by Ed Pilkington in Montgomery, Alabama Vanessa Croft was driving home after work in Gadsden, Alabama last month when she noticed something strange in her rear-view mirror. There were two huge flags bearing […]

The Endless Amerikan Horror: Lynching and Police

BY DEVON D. BOWERS In 1918 Brook County, Georgia, a local plantation owner was killed by Sidney Johnson, a black man who had been leased out to the plantation via the convict lease system, in a dispute over unpaid wages. Upon hearing this, the white community went on a rampage and lynched not only Johnson, but […]

A Holocaust: How Black Wall Street was destroyed

The Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Okla after the Tulsa race riot. WIKIPEDIA White men and women, with their children in tow, gathered around the outskirts of the blazing Black neighborhood as if attending a Friday evening picnic. The burning buildings and bombs served as the lynching rope that would strangle the life and wealth out […]