Prison closingz in Virginia mean worse conditionz for prisonerz

by Robert Machado Prisons are closing in Virginia. Officials say they can’t afford to keep them open. All the inmates needed to be out of Powhatan Correctional Center – not including receiving and medical because those will remain open – in Powhatan County, the Cold Springs Work Center in Augusta County, the White Post Diversion […]

California prisoner representativez: All people have the right to humane treatment with dignity

Main reps mark the first anniversary of suspension of the 2013 Hunger Strike and the second anniversary of the Agreement to End Hostilities by Todd Ashker, Arturo Castellanos and George Franco We expect to hear soon from Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa, the fourth of the main reps in the Pelican Bay SHU Short Corridor Collective Human […]

Racism in San Francisco County Jail

by D’jaun Barrow In regards to the prison censorship issue, I am just chiming in to let it be known that it isn’t a “nudity” thing (the California Department of Corrections’ new censorship regulations are disguised under the title “Obscene Material” – ed.); it’s a Black-Latino thing, period! I’m not in prison, I’m in County […]

Hugo (Yogi Bear) Pinell – denied Parole on May 2nd

  by 4struggle In 1964 Yogi Bear was sentenced to 3 years to life, and quickly became politicized upon his entry into the California Department of Corrections. Being fluent in both English and Spanish he was able to help bring together and organize prisoners in the various prisons he was at in the CDC. After […]

Solitary confinement, CDCR get slammed at legislative hearingz; Ammiano files bill to limit solitary to 36 monthz

by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Sacramento, Feb. 11 – Hundreds of people from across the state packed two hearing rooms of both public safety committees of the state legislature today to represent the interests of California state prisoners. Despite attempts by the California Department of Corrections to insure the public that they are acting with […]

Seven Monthz After Historic Prison Hunger Strike, Opponentz of Solitary Confinement in California Prepare for a Hearing and Gauge the Pace of Change

By Victoria Law Tomorrow, California lawmakers will hold a hearing about the use of solitary confinement inside its state prison system. February marks seven months since people incarcerated throughout California embarked on the mass hunger strike that drawn legislative attention to prison conditions. Just under two weeks ago, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) released […]

California Shipz Prisonerz Out of State to “Reduce” Itz Prison Population

By Victoria Law Danielle Rigney’s son was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison when he was 19. He spent two years imprisoned in California. Each weekend, family members or friends drove four hours to visit him. “He got to see his sisters growing up; he got to keep up with their lives,” […]

Building prisonerz’ political power

by Gabriel Huerta On Aug. 23, 2013, 50 hunger strikers from the Ad Seg unit in PBSP were sent out on a special transport to a temporary Ad Seg unit in New Folsom. Many of us were already on our 47th day of fasting, not an ideal time for anyone to be traveling, let alone all […]

USA: California prison authorities ‘toying with the lives’ of inmates on hunger strike

  More than 30,000 prisoners joined a hunger strike last July over inhumane detention conditions in California’s security housing units (SHUs). © Rina Palta/KALW   “ It’s nothing short of appalling that instead of dealing with the complaints, California’s prison authorities have chosen to threaten inmates with force-feeding and disciplinary measures, and have moved some […]

Why did five Pelican Bay guards beat two elderly Black prisoners on Aug. 6?

by Mutope Duguma Written Aug. 6, 2013 – The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation believes it is necessary to change the course of our peaceful struggle to one of violence, which does not serve prisoners’ interests but actually gives power to the state to impose strict violent measures and actions that will subdue us as a […]