NATIONALISM IZ AN ANACHRONISM: Long live revolutionary intercommunalism! (Tom Watts)

Huey P. Newton pointed out in his historic speech at Boston College in 1970, when he introduced his “Theory of Revolutionary Intercommunalism”: “Marx and Lenin felt, with the information they had, that when the non-state finally came to be a reality, it would be caused or ushered in by the people and by communism. A […]

Why Don’t We Raise the RBG Flag?

Why don’t we raise the RBG flag? The answer, quite simply, is because we raise the Red Flag of Revolution. The red, black and green flag designed by Marcus Garvey has been popularly adopted to represent Black nationalism in Amerika. People may ask, “Don’t you believe Black people have been constituted as a nation within […]

White Pantherz in the 21st Century (Tom Big Warrior)

“No matter what color you are, there are only two classes.” – Fred Hampton Racism is not complicated. It is a social construct of capitalism to divide the masses and justify the oppression and super-exploitation of Blacks and other people of color for the benefit of the monopoly-capitalist ruling class. People were not always racist, […]

New Capitalist Domination and Imperialism in AfriKa

by  Jean Nanga The decolonization that began in the 1940s was essentially a passage towards neocolonialism, a mutation of the former colonies, a reconfiguration of the mechanisms of domination and exploitation by both the former colonial powers and other capitalists of the centre. It was necessary to adapt to the new balance of power on […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  1947 – 2008 Any attempt to destroy ‘racism’ without an explicit link to the struggle against capitalism ultimately serves only to reinforce ‘racist’ ideology and to shield capitalism from attack. On the other hand, an attempt to combat capitalism without an explicit link to anti-racist discourse and struggle allows capitalism to use belief in […]

Kapitalism, Exploitation, and Degradation

by Dr. Nicholas Partyka In what follows we will focus on the moral idea of exploitation and whether it can be found within capitalist employment relationships. We will also examine what, if any, problem it poses to political democracy. I will argue that capitalist employment relationships do constitute morally bad exploitation, and that they do pose […]

In Search of the Right Theory for Today’z Strugglez: Revisiting Huey P. Newton’z Theory of Revolutionary Intercommunalism

“Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.” – Lenin1 Introduction Revolution is the complete rupturing of established relations between an oppressed and oppressor class, whereby the oppressor is overthrown and the oppressed seize and exercise power with the purpose of preventing themselves from being oppressed again. To have even a chance of success, […]

Revolutionary eulogy by Texas Chicano POW-politikal prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez for Komrade Brother Hugo ‘Yogi Bear’ Pinell

by Alvaro Luna Hernandez Power to the people! Power to our fallen Comrade Brother Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell! We were saddened by the news that Yogi was murdered last Wednesday, Aug. 12, during an alleged “prison riot” at a Sacramento maximum security prison, after Yogi’s recent release from decades in solitary confinement in the California […]


Federal Bureau of Prisons Why Nations Jail By Daniel D’Amico Lead Essay September 14, 2015 Economist Deirdre McCloskey calls the massive increase of living standards that began 200 years ago “the Great Fact.”[1] When looking at the hockey stick–shaped graph of world GDP over time, its importance is obvious. Today’s material wealth is so much greater […]