Omaha 2 – Edward Poindexter disputez Nebraska Governor’z claim about commutation request

January 30, 2016 Edward Poindexter, serving a life sentence following a controversial,COINTELPRO-tainted trial for the August 17, 1970 murder of an Omaha policeman, disputes the charge he has not asked for reconsideration of his case. Spokeswoman Sonya Fauver, with the Governor’s office, responded to justice advocate Sandy Shevack on Jan. 6, that Poindexter has to […]

Black Panther Free Breakfast for Children KPFA interview (January, 1969)

Interview about the Panthers’ most important and effective survival programs. J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the FBI and creator of COINTELPRO, named the free breakfast program the greatest threat to the internal security of the United States. Shared with permission from the resourceful

Panther Vision

Komrade Rashid kontinez to feed the mindz & nourishez the soul of all Nu-Afrikan captivez and yez he let’z our captorz and oppresserz know that resistance will kontinue from each generation to the next.  Mosi Author:Kevin Rashid Johnson Format: Paperback Size: 496 pages ISBN: 9781894946766 Publisher: Kersplebedeb Publishing 2015 Price:$24.95 (USD) Kevin “Rashid” Johnson entered the u.s. prison […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“i had long ago become convinced that revolution was a science. Generalities were no longer enough for me. Like my comrades, I believed that a higher level of political sophistication was necessary and that unity in the Black community had become a priority. We could never afford to forget the lessons we had learned from […]

Most Of The Radical Ideaz The Black Pantherz Had Are Now Totally Mainstream

by  CARIMAH TOWN CREDIT: ASSOCIATED PRESS Members of the Black Panther Party (BPP) surround co-founder Huey P. Newton For decades since their inception in the 1960s, members of the liberation group known as the Black Panthers were labeled thugs and hateful extremists who set out to ruin the U.S. They were considered the antithesis to Martin […]

Cointelpro and the Assassination of Tupac Shakur

by Thomas C. Mountain I first wrote about the assassination of American Rap Music superstar Tupac Shakur almost a decade ago. I used the title “The Hand of The Man in Tupac’s Assassination” and I use the term “assassination” for good reason. Tupac was gunned down on the Los Vegas Strip in front of the […]

COINTELPRO: Designed To Kill The Movement

By Thought Provoking Perspectives We know the government has gangs starting with the police and those identified by alphabets: CIA, IRS, FBI, and so on! I speak on this today because there is a new movement and I would suggest they beware of the government. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act some of the […]


by a Virginia prisoner September 2015 permalink Yes we say “Liberation” So you can know the level of the Brotha you facing Breaking de chains of colonial domination Enlightening the minds of my New Afrikan nation My revolutionary violence blow ya brains out Warring with parasites and mice COINTELPRO flow i think twice before i […]

Prisonerz speak out about the assassination of Hugo Pinell

August 25, 2015 Guards seemed to be in a celebratory frame of mind by Paul Sangu Jones Written “B.A. (Black August) 12, 2015” – By now the world should know that Hugo “Yogi” Pinell was stabbed to death in New Folsom. The guards seemed to be in a celebratory frame of mind. At 3:15 p.m., […]