Here’z what really happenz after a state fully legalizez marijuana (Detailz)

Legal marijuana is the best thing to happen to the economy. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the hard numbers. As it stands right now, eight states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state) and Washington, DC have laws on the books legalizing marijuana for recreational use. California, Maine, […]

Do You Pay a ‘Prohibition Premium’ for Marijuana Where You Live?

There are huge variations in pot prices depending on where you live, and what the laws are. By Phillip Smith August 11, 2015 Photo Credit: Carin The western US has marijuana legalization in four states—Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington—as well as legal medical marijuana in a number more, including California, with the most wide-open […]

Thiz Map Showz You Which Countriez Smoke the Most Pot

  AlterNet / By April M. Short  The Washington Post created a convenient data map based on the United Nations 2014 World Drug Report. Photo Credit: underworld / These days it seems like everyone in the world smokes weed, am I right? The nation of Uruguay flat-out legalized the herb (and plans to  give medical pot […]

H. Rap Brown in declining health; supporterz demand medical attention

By Harold Michael Harvey, JD The 1960s radical H. Rap Brown, currently serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of a Fulton County, Georgia Deputy Sheriff, is now facing deteriorating health issues. Brown, a 70-year-old Muslim cleric, now goes by the name of Jamil Al-Amin. He is serving time at a federal […]

Weed to Soon Become More Accepted Than Wine

A new study indicates that marijuana is on its way to becoming America’s mainstream party favor, and that the majority of consumers believe weed is destined to become a part of everyday life. A recent survey conducted by online legal forum Avvo discovered that recreational marijuana is becoming a household name in the green states […]

Equality at the heart of popular struggle to decriminalize dagga (marijuana)

Dale T. McKinley   2014-03-19, Issue 670     cc LS Public opinion is fast shifting in South Africa about the use of marijuana, which is criminalised. A key legal argument in the debate is that prohibiting dagga use while allowing tobacco and alcohol amounts to discrimination, which violates equality as guaranteed by […]

Major reform of solitary confinement introduced in California Senate

Sacramento, March 17, 2014 – Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, today introduced new legislation to revise and reform solitary confinement conditions and procedures in California’s prisons. “Isolating large numbers of inmates for long periods of time, as we are currently doing, is an expensive and deeply troubling practice that undermines effective rehabilitation and long-term public safety,” […]

Michelle Alexander: White Men Get Rich from Legal Pot, Black Men Stay in Prison

AlterNet             /               By April M. Short            For 40 years, poor communities of color have experienced the wrath of the war on drugs.   Photo Credit: By Miller Center [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons <!– –>   Ever since Colorado and Washington made the unprecedented move to legalize recreational pot last year, excitement and stories of unfettered […]

The Do’z and Don’t of Buying Legal Marijuana

The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine             /               By DJ Reetz               For those new to the idea of purchasing your cannabis legally in Colorado and beyond, here’s a quick guide.    Photo Credit: J. Bradley <!– –> The following article orginally appeared in THC Magazine. [Editor’s Note: Colorado’s burgeoning cannabis industry is the first of its kind, […]

America’z Medical Regulation of Drugz Haz Racist Rootz: It all started with opium

Photo Credit: ene     When you look at the facts, it’s clear that racism governs American drug policy. While five times as many white people as black people report using illicite drugs, the U.S. criminal justice system sends blacks to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of whites according to […]