Was Kevin Cooper Framed for Murder?

This is the story of a broken justice system. It appears that an innocent man was framed by sheriff’s deputies and is on death row in part because of dishonest cops, sensational media coverage and flawed political leaders. by Nicholas Kristof with Jessia Ma and Stuart A. Thompson   Kevin Cooper at San Quentin. ,   […]

Call Lethal Injection the Vile Torture It Is

by STEPHEN COOPER In a New Year’s Eve display of liberal newspaper death penalty abolition harmony – buoyed by the release of the Death Penalty Information Center’s (DPIC) annual report evidencing another year in the long-observable trend of capital punishment’s disuse and disfavor in America – both the Washington Post and New York Times’s editorial boards published opinion pieces […]

Support Kevin Cooper’s Campaign to Persuade Gov. Brown to Commute His Sentence

Kevin Cooper’s case is urgent. Though completely innocent, he has lost his legal appeals and his petition for clemency from the Governor is a last effort to win his freedom. He has been on death row at San Quentin prison for 32 years. If California starts up its executions again, Kevin is at the top […]

“Great God, he is alive!” The first man executed by electric chair died slower than Thomas Edison had hoped.

  By Michael S. Rosenwald An electric chair used in 1908 at Auburn Prison in New York, where William Kemmler was executed by electrocution in 1890. (Library of Congress) To understand the gruesome history of the death penalty, it is essential to comprehend how badly inventor Thomas Edison wanted to zap his nemesis George Westinghouse. […]

Huey P. Newton’z brother Melvin speakz on their Panther historiez

BlockReportRadio.com interviews Melvin Newton, about his brother Huey P. Newton and their history in the Black Panther Party in Oakland California. Melvin talks about Huey facing the death penalty after killing Oakland Police officer Frey, the Huey Newton Defense Committee, Huey’s concept of globalization called Intercommunalism, the founding of Black Studies at Merritt College, and […]

“Nothing Good Happenz in Secret”—The Sordid Wayz Death-Penalty Statez Obtain Execution Drugz

by  Tana Ganeva  One afternoon, Donnie Calhoun, owner of Calhoun Compounding Pharmacy in Anniston, Alabama—”Compounding for Life’s Problems“—came back from a meeting to find a strange request from the Alabama Department of Corrections. The girl who’d answered the phone had written their question down on a notepad: Did he want to make a lethal injection […]

Texas Banz Prisonerz from Social Media to Hide Abusez

by Kevin Rashid Johnson Suddenly Texas prison officials are banning prisoners from having people outside of prison maintain social media accounts for them. Since prisoners do not otherwise have direct access to the internet we can’t manage our own social-media accounts. Officials are taking advantage of certain social media providers’ rules that forbid one from […]

California’z Dangerouz Potential New Death Penalty Initiative

California’s death chamber At a time when more inmates on death row die from suicide than execution, the Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act could cement California as the new death belt. 31 years ago, Kevin Cooper was sentenced to death by a California court for the brutal murder of 4 people in a ranch […]

The Death Penalty Iz Largely Driven by a Small Number of Overzealous Prosecutorz

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, just 2 percent of the country’s more than 3,000 counties are responsible for the majority of defendants on death row. Jordan Smith The Intercept “Cowboy” Bob Macy was a legendary — and infamous — prosecutor in Oklahoma City. Elected the top law enforcer in his county five times, […]

Shaka Sankofa’z Final Statement/The Execution of Shaka Sankofa

Shaka Sankofa Last Wordz: Defiance in the Face of Death Revolutionary Worker #1061, July 2, 2000 Out of respect for Shaka Sankofa and to give our readers a sense of his political viewpoint, the RW is publishing the complete text of the statement Shaka made as he was being executed. I would like to say […]