‘13th’ and the culture of surplus punishment

by Victor Wallis Ava DuVernay undertook the documentary “13th” in order to explore and bring attention to the Prison Industrial Complex.[1] The film’s title refers to the 1865 amendment to the U.S. Constitution, in which slavery was abolished “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” The story told by […]

Blog #41: The Women’z March on Washington – An Event or a Movement? by Jalil Muntaqim

… The conditions of disenfranchisement and oppression affecting women must be thoroughly developed in a political program of national significance. Distinction must be made between the level of oppression between oppressed-nation women and that of the oppressor-nation women. This distinction must be further clarified in developing provisions of redress in the oppressed masses’ struggle. For […]

Dr. Mutulu Shakur – It iz time for hiz release

Dr. Mutulu Shakur has been a federal prisoner since 1986. He has been denied parole eight times, has taken full responsibility for his actions, has served as a force for good and anti-violence throughout his decades of incarceration, is an elder and has multiple health complications, has a loving family that needs him, and upon […]

Generational incarceration

  by L.C. DeVine “One picture,” Fred R. Bernard once aptly remarked, “is worth a thousand words.” But, we need only a few words to describe an unsettling truth vividly depicted in the drawing shown here. On first glance, this picture evokes visual images of cruelty, dehumanization, exploitation, racism, injustice, corruption, disenfranchisement, arbitrary punishment and […]