Notes on Advancing the Struggle: Inside – Drugs

by a Colorado prisoner            permalink   Drugs are a powerful temptation. Not just for those who become addicted to using them, but also for those selling them. Many overdose or die due to drugs. Besides death and ruining your health and life, often drugs lead to prison. Once in the dungeons, […]


Black Time Travel. The year was 1989 when a young Ice-T appeared on the Arsenio Hall show. Here he is spitting a lot of knowledge about why there are gangs and drugs in the majority of Black neighborhoods across America. He really said some eye opening things.  Unfortunately, gangs and drugs are still prevalent in […]

URGENT CALL TO ACTION! Major George Tillery: (For Publication. Appropriate Creditz Pleaze)

Major George Tillery An Unsung Hero “I was moved to another cell where heat is coming out of the vents and emits some kind of fumes that smell like car gas.” “The Window Is Sealed” – Major Tillery By Nancy Lockhart, M.J. Frackville, Pennsylvania — Major George Tillery is a Pennsylvania lifer who confronted SCI […]

The Drug War: A Roller-Coaster To Hell

By John Grant The War On Drugs, fought mostly in poor and person-of-color communities (despite the fact that whites are more than 70 percent of all drug users) has contributed dramatically to the growth of a prison-industrial-complex that is quickly sapping resources from education, job training and other vital programs. Tim Wise I’ve taught creative […]

How to Run a Drug Dealing Network in Prison / By Seth Ferranti A veteran of the game explains his system. At every single correctional facility in the US, a drug network something like the one I’m about to outline operates and prospers. Take it from me—I was recently released from federal prison after spending 21 years of my life inside. While you may read […]

5 WTF Marijuana Momentz of 2014

High Times / By Russ Belville Some of the craziest lies spun about the drug. It was a banner year for marijuana in politics, with market legalization in Oregon and Alaska, personal legalization in Washington DC and South Portland, Maine, decriminalization in two New Mexico counties and six Michigan cities, and medical marijuana in Guam […]

6 Thingz You Should Know When Buying and Consuming Legal Marijuana

The Leaf Online / By Jeremy Daw Whether you haven’t toked since the 70’s, or you’re entirely new to the experience — here’s the starting place I distinctly remember the first time I bought weed. Nervous out of my mind, I dialed the beeper (this was 2003 in New York City – every step required […]