Today In Black History (our story)

  Ida B. Wells, journalist and anti-lynching fighter Ida B. Wells Barrett Date: Wed, 1862-07-16 On this date in 1862, Ida Bell Wells-Barnett was born. She was an African American journalist, advocate of civil rights, women’s rights, economic rights, and an anti-lynching crusader. Ida B. Wells-Barnett, the first of eight children, was born six months […]

Lincoln’s White Blind Spot: The Slaves Were the leading Actors in Their Own Emancipation

  As the Oscars are just passed, I’d like to contribute to the discussion of Stephen Spielberg‘s Lincoln that is still in theaters, will be moving to Netflix, HBO, and pay per view, and as celebrated by the liberal media, will be an influential cultural and political force for a long time. As a civil […]

The legend of Lincoln unchained

by Ezrah Aharone While “Django Unchained” is stirring controversy, Steven Spielberg’s movie, “Lincoln,” has unchained the legend of Lincoln to new mythic heights, without due challenge. Just as organizations like the NAACP denounced conservative-revisionist textbooks in Texas in 2010, they should denounce liberal-bent historical accounts that either ignorantly or deliberately fail to concede that “Abraham […]

JUNETEENTH by Sundiata Acoli

Sundiata Acoli, 7/8/11   Juneteenth      The Juneteenth Celebration was put on by the younger Bros at FCI Otisville so that they might gain experience and improve their skills. They designed a program format in which anyone could  stand and speak on any topic they desired and afterwards stand ready to answer questions about […]