On Thiz Day In History (our story)

  On April 23rd, 2003: The Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library was dedicated and opened its doors. Denver‘s Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library is the only library of its kind between Detroit and Oakland.

Scientific Soul Sessionz Reading List

l  Readings for the Soul: Women’s Liberation & Subsistence by Maria Mies Principles for the Revolutionary Matriarchy Society by Fred Ho Respect Our Mothers: Stop Hating Women by Russell Maroon Shoatz Bisexuality in the Blues by Marie Incontrera White Maroons by Fred Ho & Matt Meyer Racialized Punishment & Prison Abolition by Angela Davis Words as Borders, Words as […]

The other side of the divide

by Karen Moore With books like “The Skin I’m In” by Sharon Flake, it is obvious that dark-skinned African American women have endured a myriad of struggles and pain based on their complexion. What about the other side of the racial hue? The real life story of the light-skinned African American woman has largely been […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“We can’t have war between black men and black women, because no people can be free if one half of tha mind of tha people iz tied up in conflict. It’z going to have to be both of uz, or none of uz” -Dr. John Henrik Clarke Related articles Africa’s Pharoah of Knowledge (shekereblog.wordpress.com) 6 Leaders Who […]

Knowledge of Self Reading List

(Compiled by the Facebook group Global African Presence except where noted by an asterisk.  Click on link for book description.) African Holistic Health by Afrika, Llaila.  Melanin: What makes Black People Black by Afrika, Llaila. * Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery by Akbar, Na’im. * Chains and Images of Psychological Slaveryby Akbar, Na’im. * The Community of Selfby Akbar, Na’im. * Know Thyself by Akbar, […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

  “For me, every month is Black History Month because of my research. But what Black History Month also means to me, is like a mountain that has been submerged in the ocean- the mountain representing knowledge- and then reemerges. What we need to do is to continue to study, and to celebrate, so that the mountain always […]

Exploring the Political Exploitation of Blood Quantum in the U.S.

Vincent Schilling Coleman has gotten a lot grief—and joy—because she  has black and Indian roots. (Vincent Schilling) Exploring the Political Exploitation of Blood Quantum in the  U.S. Vincent  Schilling May 07, 2013 Arica L. Coleman is an assistant professor of Black American Studies at the  University of Delaware. She is African American and Native American  (Rappahannock), which […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“The Strength of a People is measured by what we do for each other and not by what is gained in Material Wealth.” Take responsibility in our People’s Organizations.” The Collective Black People‘s Movement  http://cbpm.org

House Arrest: The Mixtape AND Discussions of African Liberation and Black Power

In addition to this week’s Super Funky Soul Power Hour we offer a special edition audio upload tribute mixtape to all those caught up in various webs of mass incarceration – specifically, that particular form known as House Arrest.  To all those we offer this special downloadable treat, the official VOXUNION House Arrest Mixtape by […]

Bring Him Out

On the 38th anniversary of the shoot-out at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This anthem is meant to be a tool for those who have seen enough destruction of our Sacred Earth and our Indigenous Brothers who’s lives and holy traditions have been unmercifully stripped.     _Eneas (Ee-nay-es)