Prisons Use Solitary Confinement to Silence Strikers Nationwide—But Their Voices Have Been Heard

In commemoration of the Attica Uprising 47 years earlier, incarcerated organizers chose yesterday as the final day of the nearly three-week-long National Prison Strike that began on August 21. The … Source: Prisons Use Solitary Confinement to Silence Strikers Nationwide—But Their Voices Have Been Heard Advertisements

Veronza, don’t die in prison!

July 3, 2018 by Veronza ‘Daoud’ Bowers Jr. Dear People, I send each and every one of you my very warmest greetings from 31 plus years deep inside the Belly of the Beast. My name is Veronza Bowers Jr. (so named after my Father), but many people call me Daoud. I’m a former member and […]

The Big Business of Prisoner Care Packages

Inside the booming market for pocket-less clothing By TAYLOR ELIZABETH ELDRIDGE   It’s the holiday season, but many incarcerated Americans won’t get presents directly from home. PRISON-APPROVED ITEMS To stop drugs and weapons from entering jails and prisons, many corrections agencies bar family members from mailing packages or bringing them during visits. Those who want to […]

How Many European Women Have Life Insurance Policiez On United Statez Prisonerz

  An increase in European women visiting death row inmates has been brought to the forefront. Additionally, there is an increase in these women visiting state and federal prisons. It is said that many of these women are marrying prisoners and placing life insurance on inmates. Especially those facing capital murder. We will discuss this […]

Men Feed the Machine that iz the Prison Industrial Complex

  We need to think about resistance to a system that incarcerates rather than rehabilitates    “It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” -Nelson Mandela   On the […]

Prison Life — Drugs + Drinking : A Revolutionary and Political Prisoner Perspective

source url: By JAAN LAAMAN Rashid Johnson’s foregoing article on his traumatic and dangerous experience with accidentally getting high, then trying to hurt himself, all while being in the control of prison authorities, is a cautionary tale indeed.  I don’t know Brother Rashid personally, but his long time work with 4sm and his leadership in the New African […]