Amy Ashwood Garvey: A forerunner in Pan-Afrikanist feminism of the 20th century

Claudia Jones, Paul Robeson, Amy A. Garvey with friends in London, England [Source: Pan-African News Wire] by Abayomi Azikiwe Co-founder of the UNIA-ACL, the first wife of Marcus Garvey worked tirelessly for women’s rights and inter-continental unity from the Caribbean and Central America to the United States, Europe and Africa. Alongside and in opposition to the […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

  Amy Garvey, businesswoman and front-line activist Amy A. Garvey Date: Thu, 1897-10-28 The birth of Amy Ashwood Garvey in 1897 is celebrated on this date. She was an African American activist and the first wife of Marcus Garvey. Born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, Ashwood spent part of her childhood years in Panama with her […]