Paying Homage

by  Quiet Storm   To the Fallen But Not Forgotten. How do you say “Thank you” to the men and women that sacrificed Life and Freedom for the voiceless, oppressed and the generations to come? You say “Thank you” by simply using your voice to ask the million dollar question to the Politicians and institution(s) […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“Politikal prisonerz are freedom fightezs that challenged the prevailing statuz quo by fighting for peace, justice, freedom, and struggling against cruel, racist and oppressive conditionz enforced by the government’z policiez and actionz,”  – Sophia ‘Wetpaint’ Dawson

Book Review:The Rootz of Black Incarceration

by Joy James  Image courtesy of the New York Public Library. The Life and the Adventures of a Haunted Convict Austin Reed, edited and introduced by Caleb Smith Random House, $30 (cloth)   Austin Reed’s The Life and the Adventures of a Haunted Convict is startling, instructive, and disquieting. Unearthed in a 2009 Rochester, New York, estate […]

Jabari Scott: Eye-opening reality back on the mainline

by Jabari Daudi Muenda, s/n Aaron Ray Scott I want to first personally thank all my brothers and sisters (of all races) for their tireless and ceaseless devotion and pounding efforts pushed forward in getting us to this point in our protracted struggle. You all truly showed us what solidarity is and what can be […]

Free Leonard Peltier, wrongly imprisoned 40 yearz

Freedom and medical care for Leonard Peltier! by Mumia Abu-Jamal For 40 years, former American Indian Movement (AIM) activist Leonard Peltier has been in the clutches of the U.S. prison system –The Iron House of the whites, as indigenous people call them – on trumped up murder charges. Now, as he suffers poor health and […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

…At itz best the river of our struggle haz moved consistently toward the ocean of humankind’z most courageouz hopez for freedom and integrity, forever seeking what Black people in South Carolina said they sought in 1865:  The right to develop our whole being. Vincent Harding