INTERCEPTED PODCAST: WHITE SUPREMACY AND THE CHURCH OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT   THE CONSTITUTION IS the sacred text of the civic religion that is U.S. nationalism, and that nationalism is inexorably tied to white supremacy. This week on Intercepted, historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz argues that the Second Amendment, which is rooted in genocide and slave patrols, should be abolished. She describes the relationship between U.S. wars abroad […]

TFN #2: FUN CONTROL IN THE UNITED SNAKES As peeps in the United Snakes struggle through the aftermath of yet another senseless mass shooting, debates around gun control are once again heating up. But who to cheer for in this recurring battle of right-wing, gun-toting libertarians and latte-sipping liberals? In this sedition of The Fuckin’ News, Stim gives us his hot take.

When we don’t fight hate, we are preparing for otherz to die

by Michael ‘Zaharibu’ Dorrough “You can never solve a problem with the same kind or thinking that created the problem in the first place.” – Albert Einstein In light of what occurred in Orlando, Florida, and other mass shootings, it comes as no surprise to any of us that the political establishment wants and encourages […]

Violence, Counter-Violence, and the Question of the Gun

by Devon Douglas-Bowers and Colin Jenkins Members of the original Black Panther Party stand on the steps of the California State Capitol in 1967. In June 2016, the Democrats had a sit-in on the House floor to push for gun legislation that had been blocked. It has been noted by numerous writers the myriad of […]

Gunz and the Big Business of Carnage

By Paris   From the column ‘The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election’ This is not an article about gun control. It’s not another rehashing of the tired, conventional arguments over why America has the highest rates of gun violence in the developed world, or whether universal background checks and new assault weapons would solve […]

Deaconz for Defense

In 1964 a small group of African American men in Jonesboro, Louisiana, defied the nonviolence policy of the mainstream civil rights movement and formed an armed self-defense organization–the Deacons for Defense and Justice–to protect movement workers from vigilante and police violence. With their largest and most famous chapter at the center of a bloody campaign […]

Guns R Uz: The Statz Behind Amerika’z Firearmz Industry

carroteater / Shutterstock America’s gun business is thriving. Of all the revolvers, rifles, pistols, shotguns and other types of firearms made in the United States since 2013, only 4 percent were sent abroad. The other 10,413,880 stayed home to be used for personal protection, hunting and, most tragically, in mass school shootings like Thursday’s killings […]

Pennsylvania’z Anti-Mumia Gag Law and the Right to Freedom of Speech

Eliot Lee Grossman An expanded version of a speech delivered at a public forum on “Cops vs. Free Speech” organized by the Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal at La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley, California, on 5 December 2014. Eliot Lee Grossman was a member of Mumia’s legal team in 2001 when they convinced […]

The Secret History of Gunz

      The Ku Klux Klan, Ronald Reagan, and, for most of its history, the NRA all worked to control guns. The Founding Fathers? They required gun ownership—and regulated it. And no group has more fiercely advocated the right to bear loaded weapons in public than the Black Panthers—the true pioneers of the modern […]