“I can’t even write to the judges” – Ricardo Palmera/Simón Trinidad, Colombian Prisoner of War in US Supermax Prison

by Hernán Camacho, for the Colombian newspaper, Voz (La Verdad del Pueblo) https://afgj.org/i-cant-even-write-to-the-judges-ricardo-palmerasimon-trinidad-colombian-prisoner-of-war-in-us-supermax-prison   It was December, 2004 when President Álvaro Uribe authorized the extradition of the man born in the Valle del Cacique de Upar, capital of the Department of Cesar, cradle of Vallenato music, who was known in that city as Ricardo Palmera […]

Cuban Five Case is Priority for Cuba’s Foreign Policy

Cuba will intensify actions aimed at achieving justice in the case of the antiterrorist fighters held in US prisons since 1998. The Cuban Five issue is priority for the country’s Foreign Policy, said deputy foreign minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez. Addressing deputies with the Parliament Commission on International Affairs at Havana’s Conventions Palace, Gonzalez said that some […]

Assata Shakur at World Youth Festival 1997

  Assata Shakur in her own words, telling her life story to students at a workshop discussion group of the World Youth Festival held in Havana, Cuba  August 3, 1997. Camera by legendary fighter for justice, Key Martin, April 10, 1943-March 18, 2000, founder of the Peoples Video Network: http://youtube.com/peoplesvideo

Sister Assata: This Is What American History Looks Like

I  don’t know why, given where we are with dronefare,  but I didn’t expect  the man making the announcement about Assata Shakur being the first  woman “terrorist” to appear on the FBI’s most wanted list to be black.   That was a blow.  I was reminded of the world of  “trackers” we  sometimes get glimpses of in history […]

Cuban spy unrepentant, but hopes for better ties

http://www.boston.com/news/world/caribbean/2013/05/06/cuban-spy-renouncing-citizenship-stay-home/Wl3eFaOvDcLZGAZEcf0LlN/story.html HAVANA (AP) — A Cuban intelligence agent who spent 13 years in a U.S. prison said Monday he still has affection for America and hopes to see the two countries reconcile, but added that he does not regret for a moment his decision to spy for Cuba. Rene Gonzalez also told The Associated Press […]