The Black Panthers still in prison

Antoinette Russell vividly recalls the first time she was led to believe she would finally meet her father as a free man. He called her up on a prison phone, his voice shaking with excitement, and told her: “I’m coming home!” That was 17 years ago. Since then, every two years, she’s been put through […]

Prison Panthers and awakening the Black radicals

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington “What made him (Malcolm X) unfamiliar and dangerous was not his hatred for white people but his love for Blacks, his apprehension of the horror of the Black condition, and the reasons for it, and his determination to work on their hearts and minds so that they would be enabled to […]

How the NYPD Union Is Manufacturing Outrage About a 70-Year-Old Black Panther’s Parole

 by Natasha Lennard Judging by tabloid headlines appearing on New York City newsstands, it might appear as though hundreds of thousands of people object to the release of former Black Panther Herman Bell from prison. That’s how many letters, the tabloids proclaim, were written in protest of the New York State Parole Board’s decision last month […]

Judge Suspends Release of Herman Bell, Elderly Black Panther Jailed 45 Years, Amid Police Pressure

by Amy Goodman , Critical Resistance   A judge in New York has suspended the release of Herman Bell, a 70-year-old prisoner who has been granted parole after 45 years in prison. Bell was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the killing of two New York City police officers in 1971. At […]

Attorney Bob Boyle and RAPP member Jose Saldana (who just got out in January after 38 years) on Herman Bell’s Release Travel

A two-part (both short) interview by Attorney Bob Boyle and RAPP member Jose Saldana (who just got out of prison in January after 38 years). “Judge Suspends Release of Herman Bell, Elderly Black Panther Jailed 45 Years, Amid Police Pressure” (Part One) – April 6, 2018: Amy Goodman interviews RAPP’s Jose Saldana and Attorney Robert Boyle […]

May 2018 Parole Hearings For The Move 9 Sisters

ONA MOVE In May 2018  Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa all will be making yet another appearance before The Pennsylvania Parole Board. In 2016 all three of the women were denied parole and given a two year hit, despite having excellent conduct records, home and employment plans, and once again the recommendation of the prison […]


by  Natasha Lennard EARLIER THIS MONTH, the New York State Parole Board did its job. It elected to grant parole to 70-year-old Herman Bell, a former Black Panther who has served nearly 45 years in prison after being convicted of the 1971 murders of two New York City police officers. The board’s decision is long overdue: […]

Letter to the NY Times from a Former Parole Commissioner

Re “Parole Must Mean Something” (editorial, March 19), about the New York State Parole Board’s decision to grant parole to Herman Bell, who was convicted in the 1971 killings of two police officers: Since my retirement as a commissioner on the board, I have been advocating for the release of long-termers who are now aged […]

Herman Bell Gains Parole, as Cuomo, de Blasio Lose Ethics

BY SUSIE DAY |  Dear Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo, You, as governor and mayor — New York State’s most powerful liberals — have argued constantly. I, along with millions of New York civilians, have endured years of your snark-attacks and antler-locks. Recently, it got really bad, when you, Governor Cuomo, insinuated that you, […]

Bring Herman Bell Home!

In response to vengeful threats from the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, a coalition of public officials, artists, activists, formerly incarcerated people, and crime survivors calls to maintain the planned release of former Black Panther Herman Bell. By Haig Aivazian March 23, 2018 Just over a week ago, The New York Parole Board determined that Herman Bell was ready for release. […]