Revolutionary Daily- Thought

“The violence That presided over the settlement of the colonial world, qui HAS tirelessly paced the destruction of indigenous social forms, demolished without restriction the systems of reference of the economy, modes of appearance and dress, Will Be Claimed and Assumed by the colonized at the moment when, Deciding to be history in deeds, the […]

Iz Marxism Relevant? Some Usez and Misusez – by David Gilbert, political prisonerz

I’m sure David would love to communicate with people about ideaz in thiz long, new article he wrote.  by David Gilbert (1/16/2017) “Imperialism is piracy […] reorganized, consolidated and adapted to the aim of exploiting the natural and human resources of our peoples.” “[N]obody has yet made a successful revolution without a revolutionary theory.” – Amilcar Cabral[1] […]

Dixie Be Damned

interview with authors saralee stafford and neal shirley When you study history, one thing that happens is you start to realize how recent and arbitrary everything in society is. How quickly things shift, and how inevitable those changes feel to the people who grow up in their aftermath. Countries, borders, governments, the judicial system, the […]

December in Nicaragua – Struggle and Solidarity

  December has been important in the history of Nicaragua and Sandinismo. | Photo: EFE An incomplete review offers a glance at why December is such an important month in Nicaragua’s turbulent history.   There are months of the year that for some more or less mysterious reason, or by mere coincidence, are laden with […]

The Nigeria Women’z Bobsled Team Iz Making History (Our-story)

Akuoma Omeoga, Seun Adigun, and Ngozi OnwumereOBI GRANT/GOFUNDME by ANTOINETTE ISAMA You may want to dust off your Cool Runnings VHS—Nigeria, we have a bobsled team. Come 2018 in South Korea, a sport that’s never had the continent represented in the Winter Olympic Games may see some history-making changes. Let’s also not forget about their […]

conor gillies’z “socialismo o muerte” revisited

CG: Speaking of student-led revolts, check out the great C.Wright Mills’ beautiful, raw images of Fidel Castro in the year following the Cuban Revolution published in Vanity Fair  by our good friend John Summers. Castro’s death might spark the end of an era, but it also gives us pause to celebrate a lot from one of […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

Critically think: At what point in history did white people earn the blind trust of Black people?  Given that the answer to thiz question iz never. Isn’t it therefore insane for uz to keep accepting white source’z constant negative narrativez and statisticz about Black people-that intentionally impliez the myth of their white superiority-az being accurate? […]

Rabbi Darkside: Malala

Our world is afire. Our heroes are fallible. Fear is a drug. Terror is a tool of manipulation. Corporate media is fueling divisiveness and propagating dangerous myths. Politics have failed. History is repeating itself before our eyes and too many opt for silence and complacency in the name of misguided self-interest. With Malala, Rabbi Darkside […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“Conventional wisdom would have one believe that it is insane to resist this, the mightiest of empires, but what history really shows is that today’s empire is tomorrow’s ashes; that nothing lasts forever, and that to not resist is to acquiesce in your own oppression. The greatest form of sanity that anyone can exercise is […]