Urgent Medical Campaign for Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes

As people know, ensuring that Robert Seth Hayes receives adequate medical care has been an ongoing struggle over the past 20 years. Seth reports that, when he went to change the sensor on his insulin pump (sensors must be changed every 6 days) on February 23, 2018, he was informed that Sullivan did not have […]

The End of Amerikan Prison Visits: Jails End Face-to-Face Contact and Families Suffer

It’s been described as ‘Skype for the jailed’ and is being sold as safer and more convenient. But it begs the question: are in-person visits a human right? Shannon Sims The Guardian Tiffany Burns tries to talk to her boyfriend Chrishon Brown, who is locked up in Jefferson Parish jail. Ben Depp One sunny day […]

The trade in body parts of people with albinism is driven by myth and international inaction

Witchcraft related beliefs pose serious human rights violations for people with Albinism In the last decade, close to 200 killings and more than 500 attacks on people with albinism have been reported in 27 sub-Saharan African countries. Tanzania has the highest number of recorded attacks globally at more than 170. There have also been reports of attacks […]

Folsom Prison Hunger Strike Enters 9th Day – Families, Advocates Rally to Support Prisoners’ Demands

Folsom Prison Hunger Strike Enters 9th Day Families, Advocates Rally to Support Prisoners’ Demands Folsom—On Sunday, June 4th, 2017, human rights advocates will hold a rally outside of Folsom State Prison (FSP) to amplify the voices of people incarcerated in the Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) at FSP, who have been on hunger strike since May 25th. […]

Resistance buildz against social media ban in Texaz prisonz

by Kamala Kelkar When Texas correctional officials earlier this month saw an article by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson online that said they had gassed him and ransacked his cell in December, they punished him – again. In April, Texas became the latest to join a trend of states banning people in prisons, who do not have […]

Inmatez with Hep C sue Tennessee prison officials for treatment

  by Dave Boucher, (Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto) Tennessee inmates infected with hepatitis C filed a federal lawsuit against state prison officials late Monday, asking the court to force the state to start treating all inmates who have the potentially deadly disease. The lawsuit, filed by attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union and other advocates in […]

Prisonz that withhold menstrual padz humiliate women and violate basic rightz

by Chandra Bozelko Stains on clothes seep into self-esteem and reinforce powerlessness. That’s why wardens keep sanitation just out of reach Many female inmates in US prisons do not receive adequate access to sanitary napkins. Photograph: JIM LO SCALZO/EPA Everyone laughed when Piper Chapman emerged from the shower during the first season of Orange Is […]