Invitation to the Advanced Film screening of Cruel & Unusual

Greetings Friends, Comrades & Allies, We are proud to announce our advanced screening on the film  Cruel & Unusual This is the story of over 100 years in isolation by three members of the Black Panther Party, a system of constitutional punishment, championed by the power of the people . Please join us Jan. 30th and […]

HTGAWM’s sex trafficking storyline shines a light on the racialized sexual violence Black girls experience

By Sherronda Brown / Black Youth Project*, AFROPUNK Contributor This post contains spoilers for season four of How to Get Away With Murder. It also contains discussions of sexual violence against children. How to Get Away With Murder returned to television last week and all the Shondaland enthusiasts rejoiced. As the drama picks up right where it left […]

Plantations Were Prisons: Law Prof Angela A. Allen-Bell on the Aug 19 Prisoners March in Wash DC

 By Angola 3 News Abolish the Enslavement Clause!  RSS TAGS HumanRights Prisons Racism Slavery Torture Share this article (VIDEO: 2011 Amnesty International interview with Robert H. King, entitled “Slavery Still Reigns in US prisons.”) Plantations Were Prisons: Mobilizing for the Aug. 19 Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington DC –Part one of an interview […]

What’z Wrong With The Children?…Duh!!!!!

These human rights violations have been occurring so and for so long. That it was even a movie that depicted how the guards and entire Prison administration staged fights that made vicious dog fights look like child’s play. In fact the movie, St.Charles, was one of Sean Penns acting debuts. We grew up viewing it […]

Lynne Stewart readz “Prisonerz Voicez Blocked and Censorship of US Prisonz (3:38) Jaan Laaman

By Jaan Laaman The United States is often called the country of prisons because we are five percent of the world’s population, but the U.S. holds 25 percent of all the prisoners in the world. Recently we have heard talk from the White House and Congress about the need to reduce this huge prison population, […]

United Statez (united snakez) hide information about itz politikal prisonerz (PP/POWz)

Most of the 54 prisoners convicted for political motives are racial or national minorities; many are imprisoned for decades; after 9/11, civil rights restrictions only worsened in the country by Breno Altman The diplomat Andrew Jackson Young was a leading figure when Jimmy Carter led the United States between 1977 and 1980. Born in New […]

Air Conditioning Iz a Human Right

by Jeff Edwards and Scott Medlock Edwards and Medlock are trial lawyers with Edwards Law in Austin. Texas, like other states, does not air condition its prisons—and by doing so, it kills people Air conditioning system adventtr—Getty Images In 2011, the State of Texas convicted Larry McCollum of forgery, for passing a bad check. He […]

Queen Mother Assata Speakz w Democracy Now

Prisonerz initiate hunger strikez at David Wade CC in Louisiana

This is to notify you that several prisoners have begun a hunger strike openly while others are on a silent hunger strike which may endanger their safety. The three active prisoners who began the hunger strike on April 9, 2016 are now also on what is called “extreme suicide” which is where they place you […]

Psychologistz Addrezz US Racial Injustice and Degrading Treatment

  Psychologists are calling on their field to look more closely at racial injustice in the United States, particularly in relation to human rights violations in the criminal justice system. Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), a non-profit group that led the push to end American psychologists involvement in the CIA torture program, issued a statement […]